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Legend of Zelda Might Be Made Into a Smartphone Game by Nintendo, Rumor Has It

This would be epic!


    Let’s be honest, there’s nothing we love more than a retro video game (even though Legend of Zelda is still pretty darn AWESOME), but when retro meets the 21st century – well, we’re pretty happy gamers.

    In the past few years, Nintendo has expanded their library of mobile games, and according to The Wall Street Journal, this library will be checking in a new game to join the likes of Super Mario Run, Miitomo and Fire Emblem Heroes. And not just any game. The one, the only… the Legend of Zelda.

    legend of zelda mobile game app

    The current rumor is that the Japanese gaming giant is currently in works to produce a Legend of Zelda spin-off game specifically for smartphones and mobile usage. But at the moment, that’s where the rumor ends. There is yet to be any announcement about whether this is actually happening (we really hope it will), whether the game will be a 3D action RPG like the rest of the Zelda games, or whether it will be a simplified spin-off or one-button platform game. Nevertheless, we’re all over it.

    But if the rumor is anything to go by, the new Zelda game should appear in our lives after Nintendo release their Animal Crossing spin-off app towards the later part of this year – which means we might have to wait until early 2018 for the mobile game. But if it really is happening, we’ll wait for as long as needed (y’know, within reason).

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