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Google Maps Let You Play Ms Pac-Man for April Fools’ Day and We Want it Back

Seriously Google, bring it back…


    If you’re a fan of our Facebook page (shameless plug) you may have already seen that over the weekend, Google did the coolest thing. Ever.

    Let’s be honest, April Fools’ Day is never exactly fun. Unless you’re the prankster, you’re constantly on edge, wondering where you older brother has hidden that Whoopie Cushion that has mysteriously gone missing from your room.

    Nowadays, April Fools’ Day is taken over by online retailers pranking their customers with their fake online promotions, ideas, goods and news stories. A.K.A, fake news – like The Daily Mail’s fake Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s $300 Vegas getaway wedding, Emirates Airlines triple decker plane (swimming pool, park and games room included) and Amazon’s Petlexa (a voice-activated assistant for pets). And yeah, they’re funny. But they got a bit tedious.

    But Google’s April Fool’s’ Day treat was by far the best idea to come out of the 1st April 2017. Even if we did spend about 5 hours of our day playing it. Some would say it was a waste; we would say it was personal development.

    Over the weekend, Google added Ms. Pac Man to the Google Maps App in honor of the international day of pranking. It’s not the first time Google have added a Pac-Man feature to their Maps, as they showed off a similar trick in 2015, on their desktop version – but we still enjoyed it. Immensely.

    And the fact that they added this feature to the mobile App meant that you could play the game wherever you were. In the toilet, on the sofa, on the subway, in a restaurant, or in your hallway after your other half doused you in a bucket of April Fools’ Day gunge.

    All you had to do was open the Maps app on your mobile device, and you had the option to play the game in the center of the screen. But this wasn’t your average Ms. Pac-Man game. This version let you play on real streets in your city, or in another country. All you had to do was type in a specific place, country, or street into the search bar, and you could play Ms. Pac-Man wherever, whenever. Like Shakira.

    But alas, all good things must come to an end. This feature was only available on April Fools’ Day, April 1st. And we miss it already. Sure, you can download the Ms. Pac-Man app and still play it at your will. But it’s just not the same. We want Ms. Pac-Man, Google Maps style.

    #BringBackGoogleMapsMsPacMan (we’ll think of something catchier).

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