Games Like Zelda That LINK Together

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    This puzzle-solving adventure game was released for the first time back in 1986, but ever since it has gone down in history as one of Nintendo’s ultimate classics. Playing as Link, the green outfit wearing hero of the series, it is the player’s job to rescue Princess Zelda from her captors through a series of tasks and adventures. While Nintendo is still releasing some of the most incredible Zelda games to date, in between releases we can amuse ourselves with these games like Zelda.

    The Best Games Like Zelda

    It’s all about being the hero, and rescuing people in these games like Zelda as you soar through fantasy worlds battling all kinds of monsters. There may even be a dungeon or two, and, if you’re lucky, you’ll get a chance to still use that beloved boomerang in all new ways.

    Dark Souls (2011)

    Games Like Zelda - Dark Souls

    As suggested in the title of this game, Dark Souls is a much darker take on role-playing games. But when looking for games like Zelda, this is closer than you may think. Playing as an undead character, your goal is to explore, explore, and explore some more. Just like Zelda (especially their latest release, Breath of the Wild) the world is yours to discover, and you find your currency and new items by breaking things; you also have a trading shop that usually pops up in random places. If you’re looking for a darker way to spend your evenings gaming, Dark Souls is a perfect choice.

    Oceanhorn: Monsters of the Uncharted Sea (2013)

    Games like Zelda - Oceanhorn: Monsters of the Uncharted Sea

    The fantastic thing about Oceanhorn is you can not only play it on a console, but you can also pick up a copy on your phone! The gameplay takes a hefty amount of inspiration from Zelda, but playing as a boy searching for his father with the new challenges and puzzles that come with Oceanhorn leave plenty to explore. If you love Zelda, then you’ll love this game as you explore the multiple dungeons that house plenty of new monsters as you put your puzzle solving skills to the test.

    Fable III (2010)

    Games like Zelda - Fable III

    In Fable III you get to play as a character whose fate is entirely in your hands. This game has plenty of fantasy monsters, and, much like Zelda, this game focuses heavily on the storyline. However, along the way you are tasked with either helping the citizens of your kingdom or joining forces with the mythical monsters to watch the villages be destroyed. There are plenty of times when the player is the one deciding how the story goes, but if you’re looking for a game like Zelda, then Fable III can easily become your more adult-themed go to.

    Shadow of the Colossus (2005 and 2018)

    Games like Zelda - Shadow of the Colossus

    The original of this game may seem like an oldie, but you will be amazed at how up to date it feels! And with a remake just released this year, things have definitely got a whole lot more interesting (and the graphics on the remake are INSANE). Playing as Wander, it is your goal to rescue a girl named Mono. Throughout the game you are tasked with the puzzling and adventure filled quests to defeat the colossi by finding their sigil; their weak point. Playing as a young boy trying to save the girl by defeating mythical monsters through puzzle solving levels, you couldn’t get much more of a game like Zelda.

    3D Dot Game Heroes (2010)

    Games like Zelda - 3D Dot Game Heroes

    Much like the old-school Zelda games, you spend your time in Dot moving across the screen to explore the map where you find plenty of dungeons to investigate. Solving puzzles may also get you items such as a candle, lantern, or boomerang – sound familiar? When looking for games like Zelda, Dot offers a retro feel while following some of the best-loved storylines all on a modern day console.

    With Nintendo still promising some of the best and most groundbreaking games yet to come, the wait can sometimes be unbearable. But when rather than sitting here twiddling your thumbs while you wait, checking out these games like Zelda will help satisfy that puzzle-solving adventure itch that just keeps coming back.

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