Games Like The Last of Us That You Can Really Sink Your Teeth Into

These games *might* haunt your dreams, but it’s so worth it


    In 2013 a game was released that changed zombie games forever. The Last of Us. It is the player’s job to fight their way through hordes of people infected by Cordyceps as they try and get Ellie safely to the Fireflies in an attempt to find a cure for the infection. The storyline this game has created is, in our opinion, one of the greatest as it gives the feeling of a playable movie. These games like The Last of Us will help give you your full horror story experience once the game has come to an end.

    Games Like The Last of Us

    When looking at our list of games like The Last of Us you should expect a number of zombies, incredibly in-depth storylines, and perhaps just a dash of horror. These all-new games will give you plenty to sink your teeth into…

    Red Dead Redemption (2010)

    Games Like The Last of Us: Red Dead Redemption
    If you’re looking for an open world action game packed full of storylines then look no further. Just like The Last of Us, Red Dead Redemption lets the player gallop around on horseback as you try and bring justice to the former members of your gang. The game is so much like The Last of Us that after its release there was even a downloadable expansion pack that allowed players to search for the cure to a zombie outbreak. If you like The Last of Us, you’ll love Red Dead Redemption.

    The Walking Dead (2012)

    Games Like The Last of Us: The Walking Dead
    If you’ve ever watched, seen, or heard about The Walking Dead then you shouldn’t be surprised to hear that this game by Telltale Games is all about zombies. When looking for games like The Last of Us, it is hard to find any that live up to the incredible story, but this game is certainly up there. The story begins shortly after the zombie apocalypse, but it is the player’s choices they make that determine where precisely the tale will go. One different response to a character than your friends and you can end up playing two completely different games.

    Dying Light (2015)

    Games Like The Last of Us: The Dying Light
    In a game like The Last of Us, Dying Light’s story starts with an undercover Kyle Crane, who is tasked with locating a top-secret file. However, he soon finds himself tangled up in the web of zombie hordes, but there is a twist: as soon as the sun goes down, you better watch out. Similar to The Last of Us, this game has a strong storyline all about whether you should help to save the survivors, or do as your mission has instructed. Dying Light puts a twist on zombie games like never before.

    Silent Hill (1999)

    Games Like The Last of Us: Silent Hill
    As far as a horror game goes, Silent Hill was the nightmare-inducing game that shaped a lot of childhoods back in the last ‘90s. When it comes to games like The Last of Us, Silent Hill doesn’t have zombies, but instead features its own terrifying enemies – need we mention Pyramid Head? The game comes from Keiichiro Toyama, a man who always wanted to create movies, so needless to say the storyline that you follow in this game is on another level with not one, but five potential endings.

    Days Gone (2018)

    Games Like The Last of Us: Days Gone
    Days Gone is set to take the world by storm in 2018 when it creates a new spin on the zombie survival game just like The Last of Us. The main apocalypse has already taken place and it is two years into the world trying to rebuild humanity that we start. This open world game means players can explore just about anywhere they like, but the complex weather system and constant day-night cycles will have major effects on how the Freakers (the game’s version of zombies) will react.

    DayZ (2012)

    Games Like The Last of Us: Day Z
    When you want to fight zombies, but you’re looking for a more relaxed way to do so then DayZ is the game for you. When searching for games like The Last of Us, this game does fighting zombies to the max. But rather than helping to protect Ellie, DayZ is all about looking after number one. Players can create their own bases in this open world map while either teaming up with other players or turning against them. The game was initially a mod, but like The Last of Us was so popular it’s becoming a movie, DayZ is being released as an official game in 2018.

    Whether looking for a relaxed way to fight zombies or a game that will suck you into the twists and turns of the tale, these games like The Last of Us will help to satisfy all your action gaming needs on your quest to save humanity.

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