Games Like The Elder Scrolls For When You’re Feeling Fantasmical

Okay, that’s not a word – but it fits, right?


    The Elder Scrolls allows many gamers to play out their wildest fantasies in an open and magical world that is so deep and rich it will have you spending more of your time in the fictional world than the real one. The Elder Scrolls is a role-playing game franchise that allows the player to drop into the fictional fantasy world and interact with pretty much everything that comes across their path. Looking for more games like The Elder Scrolls? Look no further!

    Games like The Elder Scrolls

    The Elder Scrolls is a role-playing game but it was by no means the first, and it is definitely not the last in the genre. They like to give the players the choice to play however they want and often have many different classes to play in, such as warrior, mage, thief, dwarf, etc. If you’ve been playing The Elder Scrolls for a while and want something similar but not exactly the same then check out these games like The Elder Scrolls…

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (2015)

    Games Like The Elder Scrolls: Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is very much based in a similar fantasy style setting to The Elder Scrolls. It focuses a little more on action but still is based in an open world allowing you to progress the story in your own time. You can interact with non-playable characters, and the main story of the game has several different endings depending on the choices the players make throughout. The story follows Geralt, a monster hunter that is desperately looking to find his daughter who is on the run from a demonic force trying to steal her powers. Being a monster hunter, there are plenty of times when Geralt has to do battle with the evil entities to try and keep them at bay from his daughter.

    Dragon Age: Inquisition (2014)

    Games Like The Elder Scrolls: Dragon Age Inquisition
    If you loved The Elder Scrolls, you’ll love this game. Have you ever dreamed of facing a dragon and living to tell the tale? In Dragon Age: Inquisition you will do battle against many of the most powerful dragons in this fantasy world. You can’t take them lightly though, there are only ten of them, and they will all require immense effort to take down successfully. Players can choose what powers their player has and will have to adjust their strategy throughout the game to make sure they play to their strengths. Unlike The Elder Scrolls, it is not an open world but features different regions each with their own environmental and enemy characteristics, set in places such as swamps, deserts, and mountains.

    Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice (2017)

    Games Like The Elder Scrolls: Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice
    This game is for those who loved the darker elements of The Elder Scrolls. It is a mixture of playing styles, including puzzle solving, psychological horror and hack and slash. The game is based on Celtic culture and Norse mythology, meaning you can get your fantasy world fix while defeating the otherworldly enemies that main character Senua faces. The best thing about Hellblade is the storyline, it will suck you in and consume you. The story revolves around Senua’s apparent psychosis, and the game has been praised for its ability to replicate that feeling, there are constant noises and flickerings of light that will always keep you on your toes when playing this game.

    Fallout 4 (2015)

    Games Like The Elder Scrolls: Fallout 4
    This game makes the list because it is made by the same developers, Bethesda. The game will feel very much like The Elder Scrolls, but with one noticeable difference. Instead of being set in a fantasy world from hundreds of years ago, Fallout is set in a time after nuclear war breaks out on Earth. Now the world is pretty barren and only inhabited by genetically mutated animals and people as you return to the surface from your nuclear fallout shelter unscathed. It is a wide open world allowing you the freedom to roam around and discover what it would feel like in the aftermath of a nuclear war. It very much feels like a steampunk version of The Elder Scrolls, allowing you to craft your own weapons and armor from what you can scavenge.

    These games will give you your Elder Scrolls fix while feeling a little different at the same time. Sometimes it’s good to mix things up, and you know once you’re done with these amazing games you can go straight back to your 1,000 hours save game in the Elder Scrolls! How many games like The Elder Scrolls have you played?

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