Games Like Super Smash Bros That Will Allow You To Smash The Competition

Games night will never be the same again!


    This adrenaline filled fighting game pits game character against game character as players battle it out against the computer, or go head to head with their friends in the ultimate showdown. Initially, the game featured 12 playable characters in its 1999 release, but since 2014 players have been able to choose from up to 58. This crossover game provides hours of entertainment, just like these games like Super Smash Bros.

    Games Like Super Smash Bros

    People looking for games like Super Smash Bros will be searching for action-fuelled fun games that can easily be broken out at any party. On this list expect to see plenty of multiplayer games that will make you the talk of any party, but can also be played home alone if you’re looking for something to pass the time.

    J-Stars Victory VS (2015)

    Games Like Super Smash Bros: J-Stars Victory VS
    Every 45 years the famous J Battle Festival commences. Just like Super Smash Bros, this game features a vast number of manga and anime characters that all battle it out to be crowned as the strongest by the end of the tournament. If you love shows like DragonBall or Naruto, then this is the game for you as you can pitch these characters against each other in the ultimate showdown. This is also the perfect option for games night as you can play with up to four different people.

    Mario Kart 8 (2014)

    Games Like Super Smash Bros: Mario Kart 8
    The latest release in the Mario Kart franchise is perfect when looking for games like Super Smash Bros for many reasons. Not only is the game based solely around Mario characters who feature heavily in Super Smash Bros, but the game also allows both single and multiplayer options, as well as being a brilliant game to pull out at any party. The idea sounds simple: race around a track as your favorite Marie character – easy, right? Wrong. You’ll never think that again once you’ve seen your friend’s true colors, or raced down Rainbow Road *shudders*.

    Killer Instinct (2013)

    Games Like Super Smash Bros: Killer Instinct
    If it’s the edge of your seat fighting that pulls you to Super Smash Bros, then Killer Instinct will offer a much more adult-themed alternative. The story follows 29 different characters who are all in the Killer Instinct Tournament to either help or take down the company Ultratech. Similar to Super Smash Bros there is a multiplayer option, but this time you can only have a maximum of two people. Just like Smash, the primary focus of the game is to enter and win fights, but Killer Instinct also has a strong underlying storyline about each character that the player can slowly learn over time.

    Gang Beasts (2017)

    Games Like Super Smash Bros: Gang Beasts
    All set in Beef City, this game is all about the fighting as you can play alone, or with up to four people. Like Smash Bros, this game is perfect if you’re looking for a night in with your friends where you can all have a good fight – in the game, of course. In a game like Super Smash Bros, the idea here is to knock your opponent out before throwing them off the edge of the map you’re playing on. If you love Super Smash Bros, then you’ll love Gang Beasts.

    The Jackbox Party Pack 4 (2017)

    Games Like Super Smash Bros: Jackbox Party Pack
    The Jackbox franchise has been around since 2014, but their latest release features a whole new set of updated and brand new games. If you’re searching for games like Super Smash Bros for another party alternative, then look no further as in Jackbox you can play with a considerable number of players, including those over Twitch.tv. Like Smash there is a tournament section of the game, but in Jackbox you will find yourself giving the funniest answer rather than fighting it out with your friends.

    Brawlout (2017)

    Games Like Super Smash Bros: Brawlout
    This game gives its thanks to Super Smash Bros, and it’s not hard to see why. In the game, you are given the opportunity to customize your own character with a new set of moves you think will help win you the game. Just like Smash Bros, this game is multiplayer, but you can now have up to eight people, but the game focuses on using fist to fist combat rather than unique items. If you love Super Smash Bros, then you’ll love checking out Brawlout for a more skill-based alternative to the game.

    Whether staying in, heading out to a social gathering, or having some friends over, all these games like Super Smash Bros offer perfect alternatives to scratch the fighting game itch you’ve had for so long. Plus the best bit is you can play all these with your friends, too.

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