Games Like Silent Hill That Will Have You Running for the Hills

Add your own white-noise static for the real deal


    Back in 1999, Konami took horror gaming to a whole new level with the release of Silent Hill. In fact, the game was such a classic that it became a hit film in 2006. Harry Mason is searching for his daughter in the mysterious town of Silent Hill, but when the siren starts up, players know they need to run, and fast. And don’t even get us started on that white-noise static (shudders). If you’re looking for another dose of horror, then these games like Silent Hill should give you plenty of trembling gameplay moments.

    Games Like Silent Hill

    Sit back and relax (you’ll probably need to after playing these) as we go through the list of games like Silent Hill. As far as horror games go, there are plenty of options for a good scare, but as Silent Hill managed to use psychological horror to the max, expect to see plenty of games with the same theme.

    Outlast (2013)

    Games like Silent Hill - Outlast

    If you’re looking for psychological horror games like Silent Hill, then this is the perfect way to kick off the list. Like Silent Hill, the players have an object to notify them of any enemies, only this time rather than that heart-stopping static, you are equipped with a video camera. Miles Upshur is a journalist determined to uncover the secrets of this psychiatric hospital but discovers it has been taken over by the homicidal patients. We hope you’re ready for horror as you can’t battle your enemies here, you simply have to run for your life…

    The Evil Within (2014)

    Games like Silent Hill - The Evil Within

    The goal here is to survive – good luck. Playing as Sebastian Castellanos, a detective investigating a gruesome murder, you must make your way through a number of physiological encounters that will see you on the edge of your seat, or behind it on our case. In one of the most terrifying games like Silent Hill, there are a number of monstrous enemies to battle, but be warned, ammunition is in short supply so thinking on your feet and remaining unseen is the way forward here.

    Limbo (2010)

    Games like Silent Hill - Limbo

    This game has perfected using your own mind against you. This black and white side-scroller has a simple story: a little boy looking for his sister. Only on his journey, there are a number of monsters and dangers that must be passed. Similar to Silent Hill, there are a number of puzzles that need to be solved in order to progress, but will the nameless little boy ever be able to navigate the forest to find his sister?

    Until Dawn (2015)

    Games like Silent Hill - Until Dawn

    In this game, the player’s decision determines the entire outcome of the game; who lives, who is less fortunate – all these decisions lay in your hands. Until Dawn utilizes the butterfly effect, but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s easy. When looking for new games that are similar to Silent Hill, this horror will have you trembling with fear. There are eight teenagers all trying to escape a psycho, but they only have Until Dawn to survive…

    Dead Space (2008)

    Games like Silent Hill - Dead Space

    Just like Silent Hill, Dead Space has no overhead display meaning players have to distract themselves by checking their health and stats as they navigate the spaceship. The mechanic, Isaac Clarke, has been sent to the ship to help get it back up and running, only to discover the entire crew has been destroyed by aliens, and their bodies have been taken over by the monsters. Travelling around the spaceship there are notes left that help piece the story together, but will Isaac be able to escape his nightmare before it’s too late? After all, in space, no one can hear you scream….

    Amnesia: The Dark Descent (2010)

    Games like Silent Hill - Amnesia: The Dark Descent

    Waking up alone in a castle with a note written to yourself that you’ve deliberately wiped your memory – nothing out of the ordinary, surely? Daniel is about to discover what made him erase everything he knows as he battles through the darkness of the castle. But be warned, it’s not only escaping from the monsters that’s important here, just like Silent Hill this game will mess with any players’ sanity; if you remain in the darkness too long, Daniel will begin to turn insane. Will you ever be able to break free from the Shadow following you?

    If you’re an avid horror game fanatic, then these games like Silent Hill should hopefully leave you thoroughly terrified – if that’s what you’re looking for! Just remember, not everything may always be as it appears in the land of these monsters…

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