Games Like Resident Evil You Can Play When You’ve Run Out Of Brains To Eat

Get ready to battle some zombies, y’all…


    Survival horror video game Resident Evil was first released back in 1999 on the original PlayStation, and it’s scary gameplay shocked players. It was filled with iconic gaming moments, like when the dogs jump through the windows and that first time you realize you are playing a zombie game when you discover a man hunched over a bloody puddle slowly turning his head to face you. Chilling! If you are still just as in love with this game as we are, you’ll love these games like Resident Evil.

    Games like Resident Evil

    Since then there have been many sequels that have continued to give gamers limited ammunition forcing them to survive on their wits alone. With so many survival horror games to choose from, we thought we’d give you a few alternatives to make sure you keep on having nightmares long after completing all that Resident Evil has to throw at you. These games similar to Resident Evil will blow your mind.

    Dead Space (2008)

    Games Like Resident Evil: Deep Space
    Dead Space puts you on board a spaceship inhabited by aliens that kill people. As if it’s some sick joke, there are no weapons on board, and you must make do with the equipment you brought on board with you, as an engineer. You won’t be able to blast your way through your enemies, and the game gives you very little in the way of ammunition to use the tools you do have at your disposal. You will have to rely on running a way a lot and trying your best to go undetected as much as possible, otherwise you’ll die in the most graphic ways possible. The game creates such a tense atmosphere that you’ll be playing with the lights on after just five minutes in the dark. Yep, it’s one of the best games like Resident Evil, but it’s also one of the most intense.

    The Evil Within (2014)

    Games Like Resident Evil: The Evil Within
    The Evil Within is like playing out a nightmare, it is filled with incredibly tense moments and disgusting creatures that will rip your face off if you get too close. This game like Resident Evil begins at the scene of a horrific passing in a hospital, but the investigator is soon derailed from their duties and dragged into a nightmarish world. The game feels as though you are in a horror movie and you will have to use guns and melee weapons to fight off many of the devastating creatures that come to attack you. There are many traps and dangerous situations that will require you to use your brain to get out of, there is no fighting your way through the entirety of this game.

    Dead Island (2011)

    Games Like Resident Evil: Dead Island
    Most horror games are set in bleak locations where all you can see are the inside of buildings or the night sky, but Dead Island wanted to change that trend. Set on a sunny idyllic holiday island, players soon realize that something isn’t right. Soon an infection begins to spread, and you have to fight off a bunch of zombies. There isn’t much to help you fight, so you pick up a wrench and batter the zombies into gross pulps. Melee weapons are pretty much all you’ll have as you progress through the game which means you have to get up close and personal with the zombies if you want to take them out. Things get really terrifying when you have no weapon, you have to run away and all you can hear is the zombie just a couple of steps behind you the entire time, tirelessly chasing you as your stamina starts to drain.

    Dead Rising 4 (2016)

    Games Like Resident Evil: Dead Rising 4
    If you’re looking for a game like Resident Evil, look no further. Dead Rising 4 provides a bit of comic relief but still filled with zombie slaying action. You are locked in a shopping mall, much like the plot of classic zombie movie 1978 Dawn of the Dead. The game takes a playful look at the survival horror genre and even though you will face more zombies than you can get rid of, this game is all about letting your creativity flow. You’ll earn points for sending zombies to the fishes in the most imaginative ways and can use and create weapons such as laser swords, glass knuckles, and a fish launcher. Think of Dead Rising as a palate cleanser, allowing you to have a bit of fun before launching yourself into another tortuous journey into the world of survival horror games.

    Resident Evil was a pioneering moment in the world of survival horror video games. It was what brought the attention of the genre to the masses and now is one of the biggest gaming franchises in the world. These are some games similar to Resident Evil for you to sink your teeth into when you’ve played as much Resident Evil as your heart can handle.

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