Games Like Pokemon For When You’ve Caught ’em All

How many of these games have you played?


    Pokémon is one of those franchises that will never leave us, and rightfully so. With new series’ released every few years, the developers never seem to run out of ideas. As avid collectors of anything we can get our hands on, we can never say no to a new Pokémon game. Of course, after a while, you start yearning for something new to catch. With another generation of Pokémon not expected until 2019, we need some different pocket monsters to capture. Lucky for us, there are some amazing games like Pokemon that should keep us going until then.

    Games Like Pokemon

    Pokémon’s tagline is pretty clear – gotta catch ‘em all. When you’ve caught enough creatures to fill out your Pokedex, though, where do you go next? These games are similar to Pokémon in that they allow you to capture animals in ways you might never have imagined before. They’re also filled with intriguing storylines that will give you a reason to try and catch everything, even if you’re not a completionist.

    Yo-Kai Watch

    Games Like Pokemon: Yo Kai Watch
    In Japan, the popularity of this game is similar to Pokémon, especially when you tie in the success of the manga and cartoon that go with it. Rather than capturing cute (and sometimes strange) looking creatures in the wild, though, you go out looking for Yo-Kai. What are they? Ghosts, of course. These monsters are based on Japanese folklore and are caught through battles with your Yo-Kai. Sounds a lot like Pokémon, right? The similarities make this a great game to pick up for Pokémon fans, but the Japanese style and diverse range of Yo-Kai mean it’s not just a carbon copy.

    Ni No Kuni

    Games Like Pokemon: Ni No Kuni
    Are you familiar with Studio Ghibli? If you’re a fan of anime, then you’ve probably heard of them. They’re responsible for films like My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away. Their work isn’t solely limited to the movie industry, though. Ni No Kuni is a game which combines the joy of catching and battling creatures with an intense, compelling storyline. In this title, the Pokémon are known as Familiars, and there are more than 300 to find. Each one has stats and moves that influence its effectiveness in battle, just as it is in some other games we know. If you like Pokémon, you’ll like Ni No Kuni.

    Dragon Quest Monsters

    Games Like Pokemon: Dragon Quest Monsters
    For fans of the battling element of Pokémon, Dragon Quest Masters has a challenge for you. It takes the concept of fighting monsters, but adds the task of building a relationship with your team. When you obtain new creatures, they can be resistant to your commands and might refuse to do as you say. If you improve your connection with them, your chances of succeeding in battle will increase. This is a feature that Pokémon has slowly introduced. Newer games allow you to attend to your team’s needs, with a higher chance of increased damage in battles when done successfully. If any players feel that Pokémon needs to go further with that, you’ll probably enjoy Dragon Quest Monsters.

    World of Final Fantasy

    Games Like Pokemon: World of Final Fantasy
    We love when a series finds a way to reinvent itself. This Final Fantasy title takes elements from the franchise, but combines them into a game that’s more approachable for younger players. The chibi style of characters is super cute and makes for more relaxing gameplay, even as you’re battling monsters. On your travels, you collect Mirages which you then use to fight other creatures you cross paths with. The dungeons you explore are all themed around a specific element type, which means you always have a reason to change out your team for Mirages suited to the terrain. In that way, the game is similar to Pokémon’s gym challenges.


    Games Like Pokemon: Ooblets
    Ooblets is a new title we’re getting in 2018 which is quite possibly the weirdest of all the games on this list. It’s described as being like Pokémon (as well as Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon) because of it’s creature collection feature, and the fact that some of the ooblets look incredibly bizarre. The game allows you to collect new creatures by growing them on your farm. It also provides an RPG style battle system where you can challenge other ooblet trainers. With opportunities to upgrade and design your house, sell produce you grow and develop your town, this is Pokémon with a difference. Ooblets is one game you’ll want to look out for this year.

    Pokémon will never grow old, no matter how many new games and generations it brings out. When there are so many things out there worth catching, though, we can’t just restrict ourselves to Pokémon. Think about all the other creatures wanting our attention. You can check out these games like Pokémon for yourself and see if it’s time to explore some new avenues.

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