Games Like Need for Speed for When Your Gas Tank’s Running Low

Get your engine revving with these games…


    How did the first Need for Speed game come out in 1994? That was like… way too many years ago. There have been so many entries in the series now that you’d think the developers would have run out of fresh ideas. They just keep finding new ways to make driving full throttle super fun. Racing never gets boring for us speed freaks. It does make you wonder what else is out there though. If you’ve considered what it’s like to race without being on the wrong side of the law (or you just want a change of scenery), there are some brilliant games like Need for Speed out there.

    Games Like Need for Speed

    Games like Need for Speed don’t slow down for anyone. They’re intense thrill rides that give adrenaline junkies the fix they need without ever having to leave home. These games are full of blink-and-you’ll-miss-it action that speeds around corners and launches players into pole position. Basically, they’re all about driving really fast.

    Project Cars

    Games like Need for Speed: Project Cars
    For players that truly want to put their driving skills to the test, Project Cars is the way forward. With a multitude of courses that are both real and fictional, the game takes a slightly different approach to racing. However, it still retains the high octane thrill that comes as standard with any Need for Speed title. Leave your competitors in the dust as you race against the elements in your choice of over 70 different cars. If you’re a speed freak, Project Cars is not going to leave you disappointed. It might not have the open world appeal of Need for Speed, but it’s got what matters most – exceptional racing.

    Gran Turismo

    Games like Need for Speed: Gran Turismo
    Anyone in the market for a driving game that’s close to the real experience should grab themselves a copy of Gran Turismo. The series prides itself on being a realistic simulation of driving, from the handling of the vehicles to the sounds created by the engine. If Need for Speed has never been immersive enough for you, this should give you what you want. It offers the same exciting racing experience and an equally impressive array of cars, but with more attention on how you navigate the race track. People who have a habit of crashing on games like Need for Speed might need some practice to excel in Gran Turismo.


    Games Like Need for Speed: Forza
    Always been a dedicated Xbox gamer? Forza’s the way to go. It’s like the console’s version of Gran Turismo, which makes it another great selection for this list. Forza has all the features that make Gran Turismo incredible, including the focus on recreating a realistic driving experience. If you have your eye on some slick models in real life, there’s a good chance those beauties have found their way into Forza. Why drive a real car when you can just race it on a video game? It’ll be a lot kinder on your bank account.

    The Crew

    Games like Need for Speed: The Crew
    Racing against NPCs is a challenge, but sometimes you want to test your skills with real-life players. That’s why The Crew is worth picking up. It utilizes the open world aspect that makes Need for Speed great, but it’s set in an online environment where you can race other players. The map is so expansive that it takes 45 minutes to go from one side to the other, so you’d best free up some time in your schedule. The Crew is similar to Need for Speed in the way it saves your scores too. They’re uploaded to an Autolog-type feature, so your friends have the option to try and beat your scores and vice versa.

    Grand Theft Auto

    Games Like Need for Speed: Grand Theft Auto
    There may be more to Grand Theft Auto than driving around, but it’s a vital element of the game. Cruising around in your fast car while your favorite tunes (Backstreet Boys all the way) are blasting out is the highlight of the game. Well, that and all the carnage you get to cause. What’s more, the game is similar to Need for Speed in its open world format where exploration forms an integral part of the overall experience. Let’s not forget the whole police chasing you for absolutely no reason, too. All in all, Grand Theft Auto is basically what Need for Speed could be if developers weren’t always so insistent about keeping you in your car.

    Give us any driving game, and we’ll be entertained for days. Whether we’re running from the cops or testing our skills on the racetrack, we never get bored with these games. Need for Speed is definitely one of the genre’s best, but there’s nothing wrong with mixing things up every so often. It stops the games from getting stale. If you love Need for Speed, you will love all of these games.

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