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Futurama Lives On As a Mobile RPG – Watch The Trailer!

We just can’t seem to get rid of Futurama (not that we want to!)


    Despite the fact it’s been four years since Futurama was taken off air, it’s still as popular as ever – and is now being made into a mobile video game for all of the fans who miss Fry, Leela, Amy and Bender.

    The new game will be called Worlds of Tomorrow and will feature all of the main characters. Check out the trailer:

    In this first teaser, we see the gang hanging out in Planet Express, addicted to a new game that ends up saving the world – because they’re not the only ones addicted to Hypnotoad. The aliens (who intend to invade New York City) are also addicted, meaning they’re too distracted to take over the world. Bonus.

    The new game will be a standard RPG game, but the storyline is going to be something special. According to Jam City, the developers, most of the cast and crew from the TV show will be working on the game to create brand new storylines that start off where the show ended.

    But be warned: you’ll probably get addicted to it just like those guys are with Hypnotoad.

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