Co-Op Video Games That Will Strengthen (Or Destroy) Your Relationship

Which one will it be?


    We’re all familiar with the stereotype that there’s only ever one gamer in a relationship, right? Usually, it’s the guy who lives like a slob and cares more about getting to the next level than spending time with their partner. To be honest, we find that stereotype pretty boring. Those who play together, stay together, and there are plenty of amazing titles out there which revolve around co-operative gaming. Teaming up with your significant other is a great way to boost your relationship… unless things start to go south, of course. Try not to get too passionate while playing these co-op games, or you might find that you’re doing your relationship more harm than good.

    Yoshi’s Woolly World

    Co-op video games that will strengthen (or destroy) your relationship: Yoshis Woolly World
    Mario games are all cute and innocent, aren’t they? Sure, at least until you bring your loved ones into the equation. “Yoshi’s Woolly World” might just be the game that your relationship can’t handle. Surprisingly difficult at the best of times, this co-op title asks you to work together to collect yarn as you advance through the multitude of platform stages. It doesn’t sound like it should be rage-inducing, but after your partner swallows you one too many times, you may find it hard to bite your tongue. No-one wants to spend the entirety of the game trailing their other half as a yarn ball.

    Crash Bash

    Co-op video games that will strengthen (or destroy) your relationship: Crash Bash
    Most party games are designed to pit you against your loved ones, so it’s nice to have one that requires you to work together instead. The nostalgic PS1 release “Crash Bash” pits you and a partner against two NPCs as you strive to come out on top. Although only one of you needs to win the minigame for you to be successful, it’s still vital that you play as a team. Not backing each other up when one of you is in danger could cost you the game. Do you really want to face the embarrassment of losing to the computer?


    Co-op video games that will strengthen (or destroy) your relationship: Snipperclips
    Nintendo sure does like to make adorable games that take joy in riling you up. Switch exclusive “Snipperclips” has a unique take on co-op gameplay by having you cut pieces out of each other to solve puzzles. Work out how to turn cogs, transport balls and catch fish by snipping away at one another’s character. There are multiple ways to complete most levels, so don’t be put off by a bit of trial and error. Just be prepared for the difficulty to ramp up several notches when you least expect it. If you’re not communicating well during the game, you might find yourself going one snip too far.

    A Way Out

    Co-op video games that will strengthen (or destroy) your relationship: A Way Out
    Ever wanted to stage a prison breakout? “A Way Out” tasks you and your partner with getting out of jail then staying alive as you enact revenge on your mutual enemy. The game frequently requires you to work together, sometimes pushing one person to act as a distraction while the other completes their task. The bond you’ll develop between your characters is so strong that you won’t anticipate the twist that turns you from allies to enemies. In the end, only one of you can survive, but who comes out on top is all down to you. Is your relationship worth your character’s life?

    Portal 2

    Co-op video games that will strengthen (or destroy) your relationship: portal
    The only thing really missing from the inventive 2007 game “Portal” was the opportunity to bring someone else into the action. Thankfully, the developers rectified that in the game’s sequel. Allowing you and a friend to combine your understanding of physics (or lack of it) to advance through the story, “Portal 2” is co-op gameplay at its best. You can’t hope to complete the levels without teaming up, although whether you’ll know where to place your portals is another thing entirely. Be prepared to do a lot of experimenting in this game, because you probably won’t get anywhere without it.

    Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

    Co-op video games that will strengthen (or destroy) your relationship: Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
    There’s nothing like defusing a bomb to test the strength of communication in your relationship. This ingenious game sees one person reading through a manual while their partner tackles a ticking bomb on the screen. If they want to avoid blowing up, the latter will require the information in the manual to defuse the explosive safely. What’s the catch? You have to sit back to back, meaning communication is everything. The player with the manual can’t find the solution if they don’t have an accurate description of the bomb. Prepare to start screaming at each other as the clock ticks down and your life flashes before your eyes.

    Working together has probably never seemed so difficult, but no-one said relationships were easy. Sure, these games might drive you crazy and lead you to consider the single life, but you know what we say to that? Get good. The better you play together, the less likely you are to keep failing. Let your partner be the player two you need in your life, because you won’t get anywhere without them.

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