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Castlevania Gets Its Own Series on Netflix and the Trailer Looks Epic

Can Netflix do any wrong?


    It seems like Netflix is still intent on taking over the world, one awesome series at a time. And their newest venture is a good’un – think levitating vampires, a heck load of blood, and a load of crackin’ whips. (We know, it sounds awesome). Yes, that’s right – Castlevania is being made into a series.

    Netflix announced their news on their Twitter account this morning, and has given us a teaser trailer for Castlevania:

    This new series will be an adaptation of the 30-year-old Nintendo game that will give you all of the nostalgia feels, and will be complete with everything we knew and loved from the original video game.

    So far, video game to TV series adaptations have been the laughing stock of the Western world, but Netflix seem pretty positive with their new move. They have brought along the awesome comic book writer, Warren Ellis, to write the scripts, and epic producer, Adi Shankar will be working behind the scenes. So we reckon it’s in good hands. And it has to be, considering Adi has said this little nugget,

    I personally guarantee that it will end the streak and be the western world’s first good video game adaptation.

    Well, on his head be it.

    The new series will consist of four 30-minute episodes for Season 1 – and we reckon if it gets good reviews we’ll be looking at a few more seasons (yay). You can stream the new Castlevania on Netflix from July 7, so you can see for yourself…

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