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A Mini SNES Classic Edition Might Be In Production From Nintendo

There are so many SNES games we’d love to play on this


    The other day on RetroEnt, we reported on Nintendo and their decision to stop producing their iconic Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Classic – and we gave you an awesome alternative, the RetroFreak.

    But a new development within Nintendo has possibly answered our question as to WHY the company decided to end its production in the first place – and it’s pretty exciting. Eurogamer has since reported that there’s potentially a new Nintendo console coming our way pretty soon, and it’s said to be not bigger and better – but smaller and better.

    It’s said that there will be a new miniature version of the Super Nintendo console hitting our shelves in the next year or so. Sources close to the company have reported that this new console is already in development, and Nintendo hopes to release it to the world by Christmas 2017. What a Christmas present, ey? As much as we were completely distraught when Nintendo discontinued the Classic edition (which sold out in a matter of minutes and are now being sold for extortionate prices on eBay), we get it now. Nintendo is looking to pool together all of their resources to create a brand spanking new console for gaming fans.

    So far the new console hasn’t officially been named, but our sources say that it will most likely be called the SNES Classic Edition. A new console has been on the cards for Nintendo for years, and fans are overjoyed by this news – considering the Super Nintendo has one of the best libraries of games than any other console. Of course, we don’t know which games Nintendo will choose to release with their new console, but we have all the faith in the gaming legends.

    We’re keeping our eyes peeled for any more information.

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