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Whitney Houston Film, Can I Be Me, Shows The Singer Was Never Ready for Fame

We will always love you, Whitney.


    A new Whitney Houston film, called Can I Be Me has uncovered a dark truth about the legendary singer – she just wasn’t ready for fame.

    Whitney Houston Film Can I Be Me

    The new documentary will follow the early life and career of the singer, as well as her death and the events leading up to it. It looks into her transition from child performer in her local gospel choir, to performing at local nightclubs where she was discovered, to one of the most famous artists of all time, to her struggle with alcohol and drug abuse. But more than anything, it will follow her struggle with fame.

    Filmmaker, Nick Broomfield has spoken to Reuters.

    She didn’t know what she was going into, she was so beautiful, and you can see she is just having fun. She was portrayed as, you know, the American Princess. So, actually. She was from Newark. She was ‘nippy’ from Newark, the ghetto, the worst race riots next to Los Angeles in the whole of America.

    The new Whitney Houston film comes after extensive research into the singer’s life. Broomfield has spent the last two years making his way through Whitney Houston’s archives, as well as speaking to her friends and family.

    Houston gained a huge fan base during her career, and found global acclaim for her hit songs, including ‘I Will Always Love You’ and ‘The Greatest Love of All.’ Throughout the course of her musical career, she won six Grammy Awards, but struggled with drug and alcohol abuse, alongside a rocky marriage with Bobby Brown. Houston sadly passed away from drowning in 2012 at just 48-years-old.

    Broomfield went on to say,

    She just couldn’t deal with all that, she was looking after so many people, and she was always being criticized, and I think she just became more and more, you know, she withdrew into drugs. I think that’s really what happened.

    We will always love you, Whitney.

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