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WATCH: Channing Tatum Gets all Magic Mike With a Cashier at a Gas Station

What a lucky lady…


    Let’s be honest, we’ve all had a fair few dreams where we’ve just happened to meet Channing Tatum in the street (or in our house. You know, whatever) and he’s just started going all Magic Mike on us. Sure, we’re no Jenna Dewan Tatum, but we can bust out a meeeeeean two-step – and besides, he can just dance for the both of us.

    But one lady called Beatrice had our dreams come true. The gas station attendant from Statesville, North Carolina had a shift to remember on Tuesday, when Channing Tatum turned up to buy an iced coffee and some Reese’s (I mean, that’s our two favorite things, so we’re practically meant to be). After taking his purchases up to the cashier, Tatum started busting out his flirtatious side – as well as his dancing.

    The six-minute video was live-streamed on Channing Tatum’s Facebook, with the caption, ‘Nothin better than a little dance party. Thank you, Beatrice.’

    No, thank YOU, Channing, for this wonderful video.

    As the Step Up star flaunted his Magic Mike dance moves, Beatrice was not far behind with her own snazzy moves. We’d give Channing a solid 10/10 for effort, and Beatrice a whopping 9/10. We would give her more, but you know, we’re pretty biased.

    The saucy rendezvous came as Tatum drives around the US promoting his brand new movie, Logan Lucky. He’s been driving around the country, trying to ‘drive’ up as much interest as he can for the NASCAR-theme production. Earlier that day, Tatum posted pictures on his Instagram account from Mack Trucks headquarters in North Carolina with an emotional caption.

    This trip has been the most fun I’ve ever had promoting a film. Thanks to everyone I met along the way. Can’t wait for y’all to see what we did. Don’t think I can ever go back to doing regular press junkets.

    You can come and do a press tour here if you want, Channing.

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