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Tom Hiddleston Playing Hamlet for 3 Weeks in Tiny London Theater

The ladies doth protest not at all


    There are many reasons we love Tom Hiddleston. For one, he dated T-Swizzle and wore THAT T-Shirt (which is basically all we want in life). Secondly, he’s a darn good actor. Thirdly, although Loki is a bit of a doofus, he just has THE BEST AND SMOOTHEST VOICE EVER. And last but not least, we love Tom Hiddleston because he loves Shakespeare – and as book and literature nerds, this makes us super happy.

    tom hiddleston will play hamlet at a west end theatre

    The British actor will be taking to the stage for three weeks from September 1 to September 23 this year in a teeny, tiny London theater. The Thor star will take on the role as the moody Danish Prince at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA) – but T-Hiddleston fans will have to be pretty quick when buying tickets because the theater only holds 180 people.

    The production of Hamlet will be directed by Sir Kenneth Branagh who previously trained at the academy alongside Hiddleston, to raise money for RADA’S Attenborough campaign, which aims to raise at least £20 million to upgrade its facilities and build on-site studio accommodation. You can only win tickets for the show through a ballot (all the details are here) which closes on August 6 – so get a move on!

    Hiddleston has spoken about his new role, saying it will offer him, “almost limitless possibilities for interpretation.”

    I can’t wait to explore them, with this great cast, at RADA. Kenneth Branagh and I have long talked about working on the play together, and now felt like the right time, at the right place.

    He then goes on to talk about the Attenborough campaign.

    The performing arts exist to bring people together, not to break or keep them apart. I hope the funds raised by the production will help RADA continue to provide a wider field of equal opportunities to train actors, stage managers and technical theatre artists, from every background, to a standard of excellence and professionalism. We need to keep the doors open for everyone.

    If anyone manages to get tickets and wants to take a date, we’re totally free…

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