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This College Course in Dolly Parton’s Life is 100% Legit

Need that little push to go to college? Well, this might just get you there… working 9-5


    Yep, you heard that right – you really can study a class on the country legend, Dolly Parton.

    The new course will take place in her native home in Knoxville, at the University of Tennessee. The “I Will Always Love You” songwriter, will have her very own course dedicated to her life and career, called “Dolly Parton’s America: From Sevierville to the World” – and we reckon we’d ace it.

    With her superstar status, this isn’t the only tie Dolly Parton has with the University. In 2009 she received an honorary degree from the University of Tennessee, was a commencement speaker at the ceremony, and has even awarded scholarships for students at the University. So it’s no surprise they wanted to honor the life of the Sevier County singer.

    What we know so far is that the course will be offered to history majors, and will be taught by the associate professor in the History Department – Lynn Saco. And we’ve had a sneak peek at the reading list… including Parton’s autobiography, Dolly: My Life and books focused on the Appalachian region – and part of the course even includes watching Beverly Hillbillies as homework! Where do we sign up?

    Naturally, Dolly Parton is amazed by the new course dedicated to her life. She has tweeted:

    From the girl voted in High School ‘least likely to succeed’ this sure is a blessing!

    Amazing, right? But Dolly isn’t the first celebrity or musician to have their own course. If you wanted, you could study Beyoncé at the University of Texas at San Antonio, or even brush up on your OutKast knowledge at Armstrong State University. Get us there now!

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