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These Photos Prove Jamie Lynn Spears is Morphing Into Britney

Sister sisterrrrrr


    Stop the press: Two sisters look really alike, who’d have thought it?

    Okay so we all love Britney Spears, right? And we all love Jamie Lynn Spears (well, we did. Until she had the audacity to get pregnant and ruin Zoey 101 for us. Jk.) But it seems the Spears sisters are slowly morphing into one another, with Jamie Lynn becoming Britney 2.0. And we don’t know how to feel about it.

    Over the years, the two have becoming increasingly alike in their looks, because, you know, that’s how genetics works. But over the weekend, Britney…oh, wait, or was it Jamie Lynn? Or was it Britney? No, it was definitely Britney – was honored with a Radio Disney Icon Award at the 2017 Radio Disney Music Awards, and was the first person to ever receive one. Go, Britney!

    But the internet became pretty freaked out when she walked out on stage and performed her hit single, ‘Till The World’s End’ – or did she? Answer: No, she didn’t. In fact, it was Jamie Lynn who adorned the stage; singing hit Britney songs as a surprise tribute to her sister.

    I know, we’re confused too.

    But we’ll simplify it for you. Britney – in the crowd cheering her sister on. Jamie Lynn – on stage, pretending to be Britney.

    Our brains hurt.

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