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These Photos of Your Favorite Celebs in the ’90s Are Hilarious

How does Jennifer Aniston always manage to look flawless though?!

    We know it’s hard to believe, but once upon a time, our favorite celebs were younger – less mature, less fashionable, and let’s face it…sooooo ‘90s. But they couldn’t help it, if we looked back on our photos, we’d feel the exact same. So, prepare to cringe all the way through the 1990s as we witness some of our faves during the era of no-fashion-sense.

    Elijah Wood and Leonardo DiCaprio – 1994

    Leonardo DiCaprio and Elijah Wood at the 1994 Academy Awards

    We didn’t know Elijah Wood’s face could get any cuter? Well, it seems it definitely was back in the ‘90s. This photo shows Elijah and Leo turning up to the 1994 Academy Awards – and they almost look like brothers. Maybe there could be a Titanic/Lord of the Rings mash-up movie at some point in the future?

    Britney Spears – 1999

    Britney Spears rocking a crop top in 1999

    We all know Britney Spears had a penchant for snakes – remember the giant snake she had around her neck a few years later? And it seems she liked wearing them too, in her snakey gold number. And of course, the crop top. Wouldn’t be the ‘90s without a crop top.

    Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen – 1993

    Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen look adorable in 1993

    Awww, weren’t they adorable?! Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are perhaps the most famous pair of twins in the history of famous twins. This outfit couldn’t have been comfortable to wear, but we give them credit for keeping their smiles on their cute little faces. We especially like the hats with the bows…finishes off the outfits quite nicely…

    Madonna – 1990

    Madonna and her famous cone bra in 1990

    When we think of Madonna in the ‘90s, we think of this Madonna. With her infamous cone bra. It has since gone on to become one of the most well-known and most popular fancy dress costumes. So well done, ‘90s Madonna.

    Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt – 1994

    Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt with long hair in 1994

    Long hair, don’t care. It seems 1994 was a big year for men and their long hair – and we’re not complaining…look at Brad Pitt! Most women would pine for hair that nice. And as for Tom Cruise, well, he’s just always beautiful. So to sum up…we really, really like this photo.

    The Kardashian-Jenner family – 1991

    Kardashian-Jenner family in 1991 wearing all denim

    Remember when the Kardashian and Jenner family weren’t the biggest reality stars in existence? No, us neither. But this photo was taken when they weren’t so famous – and Kendall and Kylie weren’t even born yet. They really seemed to love the denim. We’re not so sure.

    Jennifer Lopez and Wesley Snipes – 1995

    Jennifer Lopez and Wesley Snipes at the Elton John’s 1995 AIDS Foundation Gala

    Jennifer Lopez and Wesley Snipes turned up to Elton John’s 1995 AIDS Foundation Gala in truly fashionable form. Snipes looks super cool in his plaid trench coat, and Lopez looks flawless as always – minus the strange pantyhose. But we’ll forgive her for that because we love her so much.

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