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The Greatest Pro Wrestlers in History

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    When talking about Wrestlers, the word ‘great’ is thrown around pretty loosely. Whether you have favorites, whether you look at the figures or whether you just have a feeling in your wrestling gut, we all have our definitions and opinions on what we expect from a great pro-wrestler. So we’ve come to settle this argument – with the definitive ranking of the greatest pro-wrestlers in history….

    25. Chris Jericho

    Canadian-American professional wrestler, Chris Jericho is known for just about everything. He’s a pro-wrestler, he’s an actor, he’s a musician, he’s a businessman, and he’s an author. And he’s also known for some pretty big titles. During his time in the professional wrestling ring throughout the ‘90s and ‘00s, Jericho won 32 titles and is a six-time world champion. Jericho made his professional debut in October 1990 and has since been known as The Lion Heart, the Super Liger and more.

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