The 40 Greatest 90s Teen Stars Ranked

Who takes your no. 1 spot?


    Teen stars dominated the ‘90s TV, movie and musical circuits, and became a huge part of everyday life. You just had to have all of your favorites on your walls; you just had to write ‘Mrs. [insert hunky teen star here]’ with loads of hearts on your notebooks, and you just had to pretend that your favorite star was also your boyfriend… he just didn’t know it yet. But have you ever wondered where they ranked? Take a look at the 40 greatest ‘90s teen stars…

    40. Jonathan Taylor Thomas

    You might not recognize the face, but you’ll definitely remember the voice – because Jonathan Taylor Thomas voiced everyone’s weird childhood crush…Simba. (Or was that just us?) Thomas’s high point in his career was during his teen years and starred in The Bradys, Home Improvement, and In Living Color. We have to admit, he peaked a bit too early, and we haven’t really seen him since. But he’s still our Simba.

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