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Stunning Photos of Rock ‘n’ Roll Legend Chuck Berry’s Life and Career

R.I.P. Chuck Berry

    On Saturday 18th March 2017, Rock ‘n’ Roll legend, Chuck Berry was found unresponsive at his home in St. Louis. Chuck Berry graced the world with his incredibly dynamic stage presence and legendary hits like ‘Johnny B. Goode’ and ‘Maybelline.’ But instead of being sad and mourning his death, here at RetroEnt we’ll be celebrating his life. Take a look at the stunning photos of Rock ‘n’ Roll Legend Chuck Berry’s life and career…


    The Young Chuck Berry

    Chuck Berry was born in St.Louis, Missouri and was the fourth child in a family of six. He grew up in The Ville, a middle-class area in the North of St. Louis. His father was a contractor, and his mother was a public school principal.


    The Controversial Teenager

    Berry was often the talk of the town and ran into trouble during his teenage years. While at High School, Berry was arrested for armed robbery which involved stealing from three stores in and around Missouri, and stealing a car at gunpoint. He was sent to a reformatory and released on his 21st birthday.


    The Love of Music

    Berry had already distinguished he had a love for music at school, but it really came out during his time at the reformatory. During his time there he formed a singing quartet – the Young Men at Algoa. The group became so popular they were even allowed outside of the reformatory to perform.


    Part-Time Jobs

    To earn a bit more cash for Berry and his family, he worked part-time with local bands in bars and clubs across St. Louis. He soon began to learn the ways of showmanship, borrowed guitar riffs, and even took guitar lessons in the process.


    The Duck Walk

    Chuck Berry is known today as one of the best showmen in the world of Rock ‘n’ Roll… so he must have learned something! He is most famous for his infectious guitar licks and his signature ‘Duck Walk.’


    A Younger Audience

    Although Berry was in his late 20s before he released his first major hit, his songs seemed to resonate with the younger generation and the teenagers of the ‘50s. ‘Johnny B. Goode’ is still a firm favorite today.

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