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Stranger Things Millie Bobby Brown Proves She’s More Grown Up Than All of Us

Bravo, Eleven!


    Millie Bobby Brown is our favorite actress at the moment, and we thank the Netflix gods that we were blessed with her acting talent. Because what else would we do without binge watching Stranger Things and craving Eleven’s Eggos?

    But Millie Bobby Brown isn’t just amazing on the screen, she’s also quite possibly the coolest little lady out there off the screen as well. She goes to Disneyland; she is the best kind of celeb with her fans, she gushes over her family on Instagram and is best friends with her other Stranger Things cast members. But sometimes living in the Upside Down isn’t easy, and sometimes you just really need a rest.

    Recently, Millie has been super busy filming the new Stranger Things 2 which comes out in October (and we really can’t wait. We’re getting Stranger Things withdrawal), and also super busy being one of the most sought after actresses and personalities in the industry at the moment. And let’s just remember she’s only 13-years-old. When we were 13, all we had to worry about was feeding our Tamagotchi in between class, not running away from government experiments, going into the Upside Down or saving Will from the Demogorgon.

    So it’s no surprise she took to Instagram a few days ago to address her fans. She said:

    Hey guys, I’ve never had to do one of these videos before, but I have had to cancel a comic con last-minute, which is something I’ve never, never done and I’m planning on never doing again. I just think I’ve worked too hard and I have to rest as I’ve had a really long shoot and I’m still filming Stranger Things. I’m sorry to everyone who is going, and I promise you guys I’m gonna get back to you. I love all you guys, thank you so much for your continued support and thank you.

    And this is why we love Millie Bobby Brown. She’s real. Unlike most stars who would carry on until they had a (probably very public) emotional and physical breakdown, Millie knows when to stop, when her body needs a rest. And let’s just reiterate… she’s only 13-years-old.

    This lady is going somewhere.

    Because she is a huge name in the business, but also loves her fans, her fans were nothing but supportive to Millie’s news, and responded to her post with hundreds upon hundreds of supportive and kind messages, telling her to rest up and that her health is more important than a public appearance. And we agree.

    You go, girl! We’re sending you virtual Eggos over the internet.

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