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What the Stars of Grease Look Like Now

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    There’s nothing better than coming home after a long, hard day of pretending to work (but at least we pretend with style), settling down on the couch, sticking our feet up, ordering a takeaway and choosing a classic movie to watch. But which one do you choose? After all, there are so many epic movies out there. Sure, you could just ask the pizza delivery guy which one he would watch again again, but everything he chooses is just sooooo cheesy (lol, geddit?) Of course, as much as we try and disguise our decisiveness with indecisiveness, there really is no competition. Yep, for the fifth time this week, we’re going to watch Grease.

    Released in 1978, Grease may seem like it was made in the dark ages, but its epic storyline, catchy musical numbers and wildly attractive main characters have continued to entertain viewers for decades. This movie follows the life of a group of students at Rydell High (AKA the dream school) during the 1950s – but it specifically follows two student in particular, Sandy Olsen (Olivia Newton-John) and Danny Zuko (John Travolta). Over the course of 110 minutes, their epic will-they-won’t-they romance will have you shouting at the TV screen, dancing around your living room, and crying along with Sandra Dee.

    As much as we desperately wanted to become either a T-Bird or a Pink Lady (we weren’t fussy) we ultimately had to give up our dream and simply watch their groups in the movie instead. But it wasn’t the end of the world, as Grease offered an all-star cast that were all perfectly pruned, perfectly tuned, and perfectly poised for an impending musical number – although it was pretty clear they weren’t actually high schoolers. Nevertheless, you might be wondering what your favorite Grease stars are up to now? Well, we have the answers…

    John Travolta as Danny Zuko

    Oh, Danny Zuko. He was the heartthrob of the ’70s and ’80s (and the ‘50s technically, all of Rydell High loved him). Zuko was the best of both worlds. First of all, he was the whirlwind holiday romance, who loved frolicking on the beach and being all lovey-dovey. Then, he was the greaser gang T-Bird, with his leather jacket and his Elephant’s Trunk hairdo. And he even went through that Letterman sweater stage… *swoon*

    John Travolta – Now

    John Travolta is now one of the biggest names in the industry. He is most known for his roles in Grease, Saturday Night Fever, Pulp Fiction, and Hairspray. Although his acting roles have declined over the past few years (remember his questionable role in that awful film, Wild Hogs?) Travolta is more of an icon nowadays. But he hasn’t run out of things to do. Travolta is a private pilot, he’s an author and member of controversial group, Scientology. We last saw him in The People v. O.J Simpson: American Crime Story, which he even helped produce.

    Olivia Newton-John as Sandy Olsson

    Look at her; she’s Sandra Dee! Sandy was one lucky lady, and won the affections of Danny Zuko in the movie. She was an Australian student whose family moved to America during the summer vacation, during which she met and fell victim to Zuko’s womanizing ways. When Sandy starts at Rydell High, she tries to become part of the Pink Ladies, but finds she is ‘too pure’… (cue the music) – and she turns into one sassy lady.

    Olivia Newton-John – Now

    Olivia Newton-John is now a legacy in the music and acting world – mostly for her role in Grease which was just so. Darn. AMAZING! But as well as being an actress, Newton-John has also made a name for herself as one of the best-selling artists of all time, winning four Grammy awards and has sold around 100 million singles worldwide. Go, Olivia! She is also a highly influential environmental and animal rights activist and has even created her own eco-friendly businesses. The last time we saw her on our screens was on Dancing with the Stars in 2015. She’s recently had some health scares, but is now in recovery. We miss you, Sandy…

    Jamie Donnelly as Jan

    Jan was the Pink Lady that everyone wanted to be friends with. She was goofy and quirky, but lovely to everyone – and was the one who invited Sandy to her sleepover. Jan just loved to have a good time and have a few laughs, and her “brusha brusha brusha” song is by far one of the best scenes in the movie…

    Jamie Donnelly – Now

    Fun fact: Jamie Donnelly starred as Jan in the Broadway production five years before she appeared in the movie! Since Grease, Donnelly has mostly focused on her Broadway career, but has still appeared on our screens. In 2015 she appeared alongside Johnny Depp in Black Mass, and has starred in TV shows like Ray Donovan and Family Affair.

    Barry Pearl as Doody

    Fun fact: Doody’s actual name was Anthony Del Fuego! He was called Doody because he apparently looks like Howdy Doody… Doody was the the playful, goofy T-Bird that the other guys used to make fun of – in a loving way, of course. He was the boyfriend to Frenchy, and dealt with her ever-changing hair color, calling her a “beautiful blonde pineapple.” Best of all, his weapon of choice was a yellow water gun…

    Barry Pearl – Now

    Barry Pearl is still acting today, and even appeared on Fox’s 2016 live-action TV special of Grease, where he played Mr. Weaver. It seems he just couldn’t get enough of the Grease action! Throughout his acting career, Pearl has had a steady stream of acting jobs, but is still known for his role as Doody. He’ll always be our Doody…

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