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Millie Bobby Brown Goes HARD at The Gym

She’s giving it Eleven out of 10


    Basically, we love Millie Bobby Brown. She’s a boss actor, she’s a boss singer, she’s a boss woman, and apparently she’s a boss in the gym, too. Is there anything she can’t do?!

    The 13-year-old actress first impressed the world when she brought us one of the most iconic characters in TV history, through her role as Eleven in the 2016 TV series, Stranger Things. And now, she’s impressing us even more with her intense fitness routine. Yes, this will make you feel super bad and ashamed that you haven’t been on a run in 10 years (because it makes us feel bad)…

    Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven in Stranger Things - she hits it HARD in the gym

    Three days ago, Millie Bobby Brown uploaded a few videos of herself just casually smashing the bejesus out of a punching bag, showing off her kick-boxing skills. And let’s just say, she completely annihilated it. She captioned her epic video with a simple question mark – because it’s no big deal, you know, she was kicking butt and she knew it. No biggie.

    But this isn’t the first time Brown has uploaded her mad fitness skills onto social media. Last August, she uploaded a video of her and her personal trainer (because who doesn’t have a personal trainer at 13 years old?) going head-to-head in some mad kickboxing freestyle. And let’s just say we felt sorry for the trainer…

    You don’t mess with Eleven.

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