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Kate Ledger Discusses Rumors That Playing the Joker Contributed to Heath Ledger’s Death

She wants the rumors put to rest once and for all


    The Joker and Heath Ledger go together like RetroEnt and amazing retro news, and to think that many people have associated his death with his role in the movie makes us pretty upset. It seems these rumors have upset his sister, Kate Ledger, too.

    Of course, we all remember Ledger’s untimely death in 2008 from an accidental overdose of prescription medication. A new documentary due to be released next month is set to expose the last days of the popular actor, and show the run-up to his death. And Kate says that the I Am Heath Ledger documentary will squash the rumors that her brother was severely depressed because of his role as The Joker.

    At the Premiere of the new documentary at the Tribeca Film Festival, Kate talked about the rumors:

    I was really shocked because that was him having fun. Every report was coming out that he was depressed and that (the role) was taking this toll on him, and we’re going, honestly, it was the absolute opposite. It couldn’t be more wrong. He had an amazing sense of humor, and I guess maybe only his family and friends knew that, but he was having fun. He wasn’t depressed about the Joker!

    The producer of the new Documentary, Matt Amato, also said at the premiere that he hopes when people see these home movies and interviews within the new movie, they will be an “antidote to the gossip.”

    We miss you, Heath.

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