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J.K. Rowling Tells Fans Why Trump Would Never be in Slytherin

Ooooh, burn!


    Let’s be honest; the Trump family aren’t the most popular of people at the moment. With Trump going off to play golf when he’s supposed to be making ‘America Great Again,’ his wife stealing other people’s speeches, his son being bashed online for his hunting ways, and his other children getting stick on social media (granted some of them haven’t done anything but have Trump as a father, so we do feel sorry for them). Everyone has had a lot to say about the Trump family – including the magical legend, J.K Rowling.

    J.K Rowling has never shied away from her political views and takes to Twitter, daily, to voice her opinion on current policies both in America and the UK. And she definitely hasn’t shied away from her opinions on Trump, that’s for sure. (She also hates Piers Morgan, which is hands down hilarious).

    Early in 2016, a study was conducted on Harry Potter fans (which is everyone, right?) that found that Harry Potter readers were more likely to dislike Donald Trump because of his likeness to He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. And because us Potterheads just love to sort people into their Hogwarts Houses, fans concluded that he would 100% be a Slytherin…because there’s no question he’s a Dark Wizard.

    But earlier this week, it was Donald Trump’s first son, Donald Jr. and his third child, Eric, who were mentioned on Rowling’s Twitter feed – along with his son-in-law, Jared Kushner.
    On the 27th March, writer Oliver Willis posted a public tweet that said:

    Slytherin Alumni go far! CUT TO MONTAGE of Jared Kushner, Eric Trump, Donald Trump Jr.

    And Willis is not the first person to mention this. Other fans have taken to Twitter to post their views, and certainty that the family would be sorted into the House that is famous for producing some of the most destructive and dangerous Dark wizards of all time. And they have their reasons.

    For one, Eric Trump has often been likened to your Patrick-Bateman-esque businessman – and with his greased back hairstyle, you wouldn’t be surprised if the words ‘mergers and acquisitions’ came out of his mouth. But Eric and his brother have come under intense scrutiny for their hobbies – and posting them online. Yes, we mean the post where Eric and Donald Jr. are posing with a Big Cat they have just killed. So we guess it only makes sense they’d be sorted into Slytherin, right?

    Well, Rowling seems to think differently. Her response to Willis’ tweet was simple:

    You’ve got to get the letter before you put on the hat, Oliver.

    And that is why we love J.K Rowling. Because even Hogwarts has a limit to who they accept. Maybe they’d fit in better at Durmstrang.

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