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Iconic Beauty Looks From The Year When You Were Born

Bring back the ’60s!

    The world of beauty is a fast-moving one. Just when you think you’ve got the latest fashion down pat, it all changes again. If you’ve ever wondered what iconic beauties looked like over the years, then you’re going to want to keep reading. From the classic curves of Marilyn Monroe through to the tomboyish chic looks of Kate Moss, here are the most jaw-dropping iconic beauties over the years.


    Ava Gardner stole America’s hearts after her appearance in the 1948 film, One Touch of Venus. With her green eyes, auburn hair and dimples in her chin and cheeks, Ava also attracted the attention of legend, Frank Sinatra, who became her third husband.


    Gene Tierney was a leading lady in 1949, in both her looks and career. Tierney’s iconic red lipstick, long eyelashes, and curled hair became her signature look, which was loved and adopted by her friends. And the rest of the world!


    Maria Felix was the 1950’s Mexican bombshell. Felix is noted as being one of the first women to bring a fearless and confident look to the silver screen. She was always dressed immaculately and was admired amongst the designer fashion scene.


    Jean Patchett is often described as ‘An American Goddess of Paris Couture.’ As a highly successful high fashion model, Jean Patchett’s’ look was more than iconic. Jean’s trademark was her ‘beauty mark,’ as a small mole located just below her eyebrow.


    Marilyn Monroe is a household name, and her look is still adored today. With her signature red lipstick, peroxide blonde hair and feminine curves, Monroe is a definite beauty icon.


    In 1953, Audrey Hepburn made her debut in the hit film, Roman Holiday. Her chic and simple beauty style won the world over, and her elegance is an iconic look that fans still pine over today.


    The real-life fairytale Princess, Grace Kelly, is known for her timeless style. With her blue eyes and blonde hair, Grace was a beauty icon who went on to win the heart of Prince Rainier of Monaco.


    With her violet eyes, flowing brunette hair and porcelain skin, Elizabeth Taylor managed to seduce seven husbands with her iconic beauty. Taylor also re-invented the cat-eye eyeliner, and for that, we thank her.


    Triple threat Dorothy Dandridge also had iconic beauty to add to her list of talents. Dorothy was famous for her clean cut fashion, including figure hugging suits and dresses, as well as her Italian style hairstyle and flawless skin.


    Because you can never have too much Marilyn. Monroe stayed in the beauty spotlight throughout the fifties and blessed the world with her charm, looks, and talent. She is still sorely missed by her fans today.


    Italian actress Sophia Loren takes the crown for 1958 iconic beauty. She has often been described as a fashion inspiration and muse. There is no denying that Sophia was a beauty who embraced her Italian roots and her feminine curves.

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