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This is What All Your Favorite Emo Crushes from the 2000s Look Like Now

Billie Joe Armstrong has changed a lot…

    Ahhhhh, the emo days. Whether you just went through a short emo stage, or whether you’ve dedicated your whole life to the cause – you’ll remember some of the best bands of the decade. You tried to mimic your hair on Hayley Williams, and you wanted your guyliner to be just like Ryan Ross’s. And life was great. But if you’re feeling a bit nostalgic over your emo days, take a look at what all your favorite emo crushes from the 2000s look like now…

    Brendon Urie from Panic! At The Disco – Then

    Oh, Brendon. You were our ultimate emo crush. Panic! At The Disco was one of our favorite bands in the ‘00s, and Brendon epitomized what we all wanted from our emo crush – the hair, the quirky hats, the guyliner, the pale skin… and their music videos made us love him even more. There was something so beautiful about Brendon, and we had his posters plastered all over our walls in all of his emo glory.

    Brendon Urie – Now

    Okay, so take away the big hats, and the guyliner – AND HE IS LITERALLY THE SAME! It’s been nearly twenty years – so why hasn’t he aged? At 30-years-old, Brendon is still as beautiful as ever, and is still pretty quirky (I mean, who else can rock that suit?) and has just a hint of emo left in him – but he also looks like the guy you’d want to take home to mama. But, we’re just a little bit concerned about his aging process, and there’s only one acceptable answer – he’s a real-life vampire, duh.

    Hayley Williams from Paramore – Then

    All of the emo girls wanted to be her, and all of the emo boys wanted to be with her. Hayley Williams and Paramore made the ‘00s emo phase what it was. There was nothing better than sitting around your local hang-out spot, with your fellow emo pals, blasting out Misery Business on your Nokia 7650. And we definitely tried to dye our hair just like hers…

    Hayley Williams – Now

    Thankfully, Paramore is still going today – and even though we may have grown out of our emo stage (slightly), we still enjoy rocking out to Hayley Williams. And she’s still as wacky as ever. Williams is known for her crazy hair colors and styles, but the orange flame-thrower hair style seems to be her fave. It’s ours too. Paramore have also just recently released a new single ‘Hard Time’, (it’s kinda catchy) so it’s good to see them back!

    Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy – Then

    Ah, Patrick Stump. We loved Fall Out Boy – but we had to admit, Patrick was one of the least attractive of the group. Nevertheless, we still had a huuuuuuge crush on him. Come on; he was the lead singer of one of our favorite bands, how could we not love him? He was known for his huuuuuge sideburns, but we could look past them. Just about.

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