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Famous Women From The ’80s – Then And Now

How is Daryl Hannah still that stunning?! ?

    If you were lucky enough to grow up in the ‘80s, we’re totally jealous. When we think of the ‘80s, we think of luminescent leg warmers, leotards, headbands, big hair and a whole load of wacky clothes – which is basically like looking into our closet nowadays. It’s fair to say that the 80’s is one of the most iconic eras in history, and gave us some of the most interesting, intriguing and classiest females in the business (even if they didn’t rock the leg-warmer look).

    The ‘80s brought us some of our favorite movies and TV shows of all time. There was The Breakfast Club (AKA the detention of dreams), Stand by Me (Stephen King is a genius), The Empire Strikes Back (Star Wars = Life), Top Gun (Tom Cruise, that’s all), The Princess Bride (best fairytale ever), Beetlejuice (co-ord goals) and more – we’d need a whole other article to explain our love for ‘80s pop culture! Nevertheless, epic movies require epic actors and actresses. In this case, we’re talking actresses. Because who needs boys, anyway?

    With its unique sense of style, it’s fresh-faced and beautiful ladies, it’s overflowing talent, and it’s love for pop – the ‘80s was truly remarkable. Sure, the ‘80s have brought us some of the most iconic songs of all time. Yeah, the ‘80s have given us some awesome vintage fashion trends. And yeah alright, they pretty much invented the epic teen movie (which is our ultimate fave) – but one of the best exports from the ‘80s was their famous women. The ‘80s was full of talented and beautiful women who adorned our walls and proved females are just as strong and powerful as men. We loved the ‘80s! But have you ever wondered what your famous women from the ‘80s look like now? Well, check this out…

    Mia Farrow – Then

    Mia Farrow in the 1980s

    I mean, just look at that outfit. That stylist had a ROARING success with this epic ‘20s getup (and we’re pretty jealous). Mia Farrow is best known for her portrayal of Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby, her starring role in Rosemary’s Baby and her Golden Globe-winning performance in Guns At Batasi. And of course, who can forget that time when she married none other than Frank Sinatra. Amazing.

    Mia Farrow – Now

    Mia Farrow as she looks now in 2017

    Yep, she’s just as darn beautiful (and we’re still just as jealous). Nowadays, Mia Farrow occasionally graces our screens in various TV series’ and movies, but she now spends most of her time caring for her 14 children – 10 of which are adopted (Woah, go Mia!) When she’s not exhibiting her acting talents or taking on the role of super-mum, Mia spends her time running a lecture series where she talks about her life, family, and career. Where can we sign up?

    Dianne Wiest – Then

    Dianne Wiest back in the 1980s

    When it comes to ‘80s movies, there’s one that comes to mind – there’s a load of dancing, a load of sparks (quite literally) and a bucket of water. No, this isn’t like the kind of street party your weird neighbor hosts. Of course, we’re talking about Footloose. Dianne West played Ariel’s Mother and the Reverend’s wife in the 1984 film Footloose, as well as appearing in Edward Scissorhands, Hannah and Her Sister and Bullets Over Broadway. What a gem.

    Dianne Wiest – Now

    Dianne Wiest in 2017

    At 69-years-old, Dianne is still a full-time actress and going just as strong as she was in the ‘80s. She currently plays the head of the family, Joan Short, on the CBS show, Life in Pieces – and does a darn good job of it. When she’s not acting, Dianne Wiest spends time with her beautiful adopted daughters, Emily and Lily. We bet she’s the coolest mom…

    Sandrine Bonnaire – Then

    Sandrine Bonnaire back in the 1980s

    French-born Sandrine is most famous for her starring role in the 1985 film, Vagabond, as well as A nos amours, from which she won Cesar Awards. During the ‘80s, Sandrine was in high demand in France and the United States and starred in various French-speaking and English-speaking roles. You can just feel the talent permeating from that photograph, can’t you?

    Sandrine Bonnaire – Now

    Sandrine Bonnaire in 2017

    Ooh la la, I want whatever face cream she’s using! Sandrine is still going strong in the world of Hollywood – in fact, she seems to be taking over (and we’re totally okay with that). Sandrine has now appeared in over 40 films, as well as writing and directing her own films, including Elle S’apelle Sandrine (Her Name Is Sabine) which is a documentary about her autistic sister.

    Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio – Then

    Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio in the 1980s

    ‘Say hello to my little friend…’ You probably recognize Mary from the 1983 film Scarface (which made us laugh, cry, scream and exhibit every other emotion known to man), but she actually made her acting debut in the West End, in the musical West Side Story. She then went on to be nominated for an Academy Award for her role in The Color of Money. Not bad, ey?

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