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The Incredible Transformations of These Famous Women of the ’60s

Do you recognize Diana Rigg now from a certain well-known TV show?

    In a world full of monotony, war, stress, devastation and just a teensy bit of happiness (if you really look hard enough), many of us find ourselves looking back at some of the previous decades – to see whether the world has always felt like a pile of muck. As we look back, we reflect on some of the most iconic decades that have graced our world. You had the Roaring ‘20s that was defined as the Jazz Age, with a distinct focus on culture, art, music and luxury. A little after that we had the ‘50s, where the world still reeled after the devastating Second World War, but pulled itself back up again and proved it was stronger than its enemies. We’ve also had the ‘70s, when disco fever took over the nation, and the ‘90s, which was full of hip-hop, R&B and technological advancement. But if you want our opinion (oh who are we kidding, of course you do) the best era of all time was the 1960s.

    Yep, the 1960s was just a whole load of fun, and a world full of counterculture (following the norm? Pshhht, no thanks). Throughout this era, kids, adults and scholars would question social norms that affected their thoughts, their fashion, their music tastes and their sexualities, and denounce the man with hippie signs and flower power. The 60s was a time where flamboyance, excess and individual freedom scooped up the people of America and the rest of the world, and showed them that being different is okay. This had a hugely influential impact on popular culture – and paved the way for some of the most iconic women in music, movies, and modeling.

    Although the world has now moved on from the Swinging Sixties, we still remember these epic women with a warm heart – but we can’t help but wonder what they’re up to now?

    Sophia Loren – Then

    Italian-born Sophia Loren began her acting career in the 1950s at the age of fifteen. She became an international icon in the ’60s for her role in the film Two Women, where she won an Academy Award. She was also famous for being, quite frankly… incredibly gorgeous.

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