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Eminem Has Grown Some Kind of Face Fluff and Twitter Reacts Accordingly



    Yep, you need to stop everything you’re doing right now and process this information. Because this is a game changer. Your life will never be the same again. Eminem has a beard.

    Okay, so we’re being pretty over dramatic (or are we?) but this new face fluff development has sent fans worldwide into a frenzy. When you think of Eminem, you normally think of the Real Slim Shady (will he PLEASE stand up? For goodness sake, we’ve been waiting ages) with a close shaven face and an epic bleach blonde buzzcut. But now it seems that same Slim Shady has made a major fashion decision (or is going through a midlife crisis) and has decided to grow a beard AND grow out his blonde hair into his natural brown color.

    Eminem has grown a beard and the internet has gone into meltdown

    We can’t cope. And you’ll probably ‘Lose Yourself’ too.

    The new ‘do was first witnessed at the premiere of the upcoming HBO TV show, The Defiant Ones; a show which follows the life, career and partnership between Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine – and as Marshall Mathers is a pretty sound guy, he went to support his bestie, Dr. Dre.

    To start with, fans struggled to recognize Eminem due to the face fluff, the hair, and his outfit change up. Long gone are the baggy pants, beanies and chains, because he is now rocking tight-fitting black pants, a simple gray tee, and a LEATHER JACKET! Yep.

    And because Twitter is the best thing on Earth, they’ve reacted in the most amazing way.

    Personally, we’re hoping this change-up means he’s going to be starting some kinda new, cool boyband soon – but who knows.

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