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David Hasselhoff Admits He’s Received Death Threats But Who’d Wanna Kill the Hoff?!

Oi, don’t hassle the Hoff…


    Let’s be honest, David Hasselhoff is a national (and international) treasure. There really isn’t anything the Baywatch star can’t do – he’s a businessman, an actor, a singer (remember ‘Jump in My Car’? Truly iconic) a producer, and he also had the ability to keep his cool around Pamela Anderson and her… ahem…. assets…

    So when we heard David Hasselhoff would be returning to the big screen, we were pretty darn excited. The 65-year-old Hasselhunk will star in the upcoming movie, Killing Hasselhoff. And yes, it’s exactly what you think it is. Killing Hasselhoff will star the legend that is Ken Jeong as a struggling nightclub owner who chooses The Hoff in a celebrity death pool, in order to win a cool $567,000. Yeah, that’ll do. Of course, David Hasselhoff plays himself in the movie. Could anyone else really take on that role? Check out the trailer for Killing Hasselhoff here:

    The movie centers around the attempted murder of the actor, and although it’s fair to say he’s never been put in that position before – he’s come pretty close. In a recent interview, Hasselhoff has confirmed that he has been the victim of numerous death threats over the course of his career. He was asked by Event Magazine whether anyone has tried to kill him before, to which he answered:

    Yeah, sure. I haven’t had anything that’s become the reality of what this movie it, but I have had a situation where I’ve had to kind of intervene and talk some sense into people who were at one point discussing taking me and…maybe not killing me, but convincing me of something and trying to get something out of me that doesn’t exist. Anyways, that’s way in the past.

    The Baywatch star, David Hasselhoff, in new Killing Hasselhoff movie

    Hold the phone…did David Hasselhoff just confirm that someone has tried to kidnap him before? Who would do such a thing?!

    Thankfully, these threats have never materialized into anything more, and the large majority of the human population absolutely adore the Hoff. Still, it’s pretty scary.

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