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Celebrities Who Really Look Like The Disney Characters They Voiced

Can you tell who played Monsters Inc.’s Sully just from looking at him?

    We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; Disney is life. Sure, we kinda need food and water to survive, but we would be pretty darn happy if we never had to go to work again (#sorrynotsorry to our boss), didn’t have to talk to anyone for the rest of our lives, built ourselves an impressive pillow fort, had a lifetime supply of snacks, and watched Disney movies forevermore. I mean, it’s not like we have a short supply. With new and improved Disney movies making their way into our lives every single year, we have a feeling it would be totally chill to watch one of these movies every day. The best part? They’re all so different! With animated and live-action Disney movies in existence, we really are spoiled for choice. Do you go for your classic fairytale and watch Cinderella? Do you go super modern and watch the live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast? (Emma Watson for the win). Do you go for something futuristic and watch Big Hero 6? Or do you go back in time and re-watch Mulan for the 16,587th time? It’s a tough decision, y’all. Luckily we’re Disney experts, so we know how to deal with the Disney sweats when you’re faced with movie upon movie. Wanna know the best way to combat these Disney sweats? Instead of getting your Lilo & Stitch pajamas drenched, you just need to think about something happy. You know, like the fact that you have a crush on an animated character! Come on, you don’t need to deny it. If you don’t have at least one (or ten) crushes on your favorite Disney characters, are you really a true fan? It turns out that a lot of the characters the Walt Disney Company created were initially based on the actors and actresses who voiced them. This means it’s totally acceptable to have a crush on these characters. The fact that they’re based on real people is basically your get-out-of-jail-free card. You’re so welcome.

    Tom Hanks – Woody

    Tom Hanks’ voice is iconic. Whether he’s playing Forrest Gump, Captain Phillips, Robert Langdon, or Woody from Toy Story… you just know it’s him. Especially when he says, “THERE’S A SNAKE IN MY BOOOOOOT.” Although Tom Hanks has numerous acting credits to his name, children and adults alike recognize him for playing Woody in the Toy Story franchise. Wanna know what’s cool? He looks uncannily like Woody. With his strong jawline, swooshed hair and cheeky grin, the only difference is that he isn’t made of plastic. Tom Hanks, that is.

    MAngela Lansbury – Mrs. Potts

    Beauty and the Beast is one of our all-time favorite movies, and although we totally loved the live-action adaptation, sometimes you just can’t beat OG Disney, especially when Angela Lansbury is in the mix. Not only did Angela Lansbury play the incredibly hospitable Mrs. Potts, but she also sang in the Oscar-winning theme tune (you know the one). It seems as though creators used Lansbury as a basis when developing the character of Mrs. Potts, as her motherly tones are definitely there. You can’t miss them.

    Mel Gibson – John Smith

    Okay, now this is one character we definitely won’t be ashamed to admit we have a crush on. How could we not? He was the apple of Pocahontas’s eye, and he stood up to the evil guy with the weird outfits. Yuh-huh, we’re talking about Governor Ratcliffe. And his pug. This amazing character was played by Mel Gibson, but you already know that, right? If you weren’t in love with this actor already, you’ll be happy to not that Mel not only sang his own songs, but he also looks just like John Smith in real life. Wishes really do come true.

    Demi Moore – Esmeralda

    The Hunchback of Notre Dam still gives us all the feels, and we don’t think we will ever watch this movie without crying basically the whole way through (we’re totes emosh, get over it). Although Demi Moore did not provide the singing voice of Esmeralda, she did everything else – and we think it’s a perfect fit. Demi Moore was the perfect Esmeralda and couldn’t look any more like her if she tried! Those wide green eyes, luscious dark locks, and petite figure are the spitting image of Esmeralda.

    Danny De Vito – Phil

    Does anyone else sing “Go The Distance” at the top of their lungs whenever the chance to watch Hercules comes up in everyday life? Us too! We should totally start a band. Danny DeVito and Phil from Hercules are basically one and the same person in this movie. You know, apart from the fact that Danny DeVito isn’t half-man, half-goat. At least, we don’t think he is. They look pretty similar, too – no offense, Danny DeVito. But with that round (bald) head and quirky side grin you can’t deny the resemblance.

    Eddie Murphy – Mushu

    Eddie Murphy is known for playing extravagant characters with extravagant voices – and Mushu is no exception. Although we love Mulan and we love the fact that she is the ultimate female boss who doesn’t give a darn about what the men around her think, Mushu definitely stole the show for us. Would it really be Mulan without Mushu? We think not. Although Eddie doesn’t quite look like a dragon, Mushu’s characteristic expressions and playful body language are definitely based on Eddie Murphy’s mannerisms. We just want to be best friends with both of them.

    Glenn Close – Kala

    Hands up who else if you want Glenn Close to be your adoptive Gorilla mother if you ever found yourself stranded in a jungle? Because, you know, that kind of thing happens all the time. Glenn Close was the perfect choice for Kala, in Tarzan, and it’s as if her face has been transferred onto the gorilla. Okay, that sounds kinda mean. But you know what we mean, right? Kala looks so much like the legendary actress we can already hear her voice in our head. It’s like luscious caramel. What a dream.

    Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson – Maui

    You’re welcomeeeee! While we all know that’s one of the greatest songs to ever be included in a Disney movie, like, ever, we also know that this is probably what Dwayne Johnson has to say to the world every time his fans thank him for just being him. He’s just too talented to believe, and were both jealous and amazed. The Rock made his singing debut in the 2016 Disney hit, Moana, and we instantly fell at his feet. With his tribal tattoos, big, big muscles and quirky personality, he definitely looks like his demi-god character. That is the ultimate compliment.

    Auli’i Cravalho – Moana

    Hands up if you know all of the words to ALLLL of the songs that appear in this epic Disney creation? It’s just how far we’ll go to become just as cool as Moana (*wink*). Yep, we went there. Moana is the Hawaiian princess of the 21st century, and we’re kinda obsessed with her. What makes this casting even more incredible is the fact that Auli’i Cravalho almost didn’t audition for the role of Moana, but decided to last minute. Phew! Along with her beautiful singing voice, her gorgeous Hawaiian looks and beachy waves create the ‘Moana’ look.

    Tony Goldwyn – Tarzan

    Oooooh, just look at that jawline! Tarzan is known for his rugged looks, long hair and strong bone structure. And Tony Goldwyn, definitely fits the bill. Goldwyn has such piercing blue eyes and a beautiful chin that it’s no wonder Jane chose him. To be fair, we would totally choose him too. Imagine all of the stories you’d get out of this guy. He could tell you all about his time in the jungle, the mighty jungle, where the lion sleeps tonight. Oh, wait… have we got our Disney wires crossed again? Dangit.

    Whoopi Goldberg – Shenzi

    Now this is more like it. The Lion King is genuinely one of the most popular movies within the Disney universe, and we’re actually pretty darn excited about the live-action adaptation coming our way soon. However, you just can’t beat the OG. Whoopi Goldberg as a hyena? Why not, eh? Whoopi’s voice always stands out of the crowd (especially when she’s singing church hymns), and so does her role as Shenzi. With those bright, white teeth, low eyes and dreadlocked locks… she’s one of the only hyenas we actually like.

    Willem Dafoe – Gill

    Have you ever wondered what you have to do when you’re in a sticky situation? Well, Finding Nemo has the answer to all of life’s questions. All you have to do is just keeping swimming, swimming, swimming! Although, you might not want to swim anywhere near Gill. The Green Goblin and Disney may seem like an odd mix, but Willem Dafoe’s frosty, mysterious demeanor works well within Disney’s Finding Nemo. What’s even cooler is that Gill even looks like Willem Dafoe, with his distinctive facial features and evil eyes…

    Christian Bale – Thomas

    Awww, Thomas. He had such a hard time discovering new lands, and all he needed was a break. Why didn’t they give him a break, man?! Away from the Thomas sympathy, hands up who didn’t realize this was Christian Bale? In the beginning, directors didn’t quite know what to do with Thomas and switched between Irish, Scottish and British accents. But there’s no denying Bale looks like his character. We’d recognize that adorable face and cheeky grin anywhere…

    John Goodman – Sulley

    Okay, we will personally track down anyone who doesn’t like Monsters Inc. and give them a good talking to, because we just don’t get it. John Goodman is most famous for his role as Sulley in Monsters Inc. but has also starred in other Disney films like The Princess and the Frog, The Jungle Book 2 and The Emperor’s New Groove. However, we think he makes a great Sulley, as Goodman looks just as cuddly as Sulley does. Can we have a hug?

    Jane Lynch – Sergeant Calhoun

    Hands up if you love Wreck-It-Ralph? YEAH YOU DO! It’s basically impossible not to love this staff and the actors who had the privilege of working on this movie. Wreck-It-Ralph’s Sergeant Calhoun is played by Jane Lynch, but you didn’t need us to tell you that because it’s pretty darn obvious. Calhoun looks EXACTLY like Lynch, from her long legs to her signature haircut, to her characteristic snarl. All Calhoun needs now is a megaphone, and she wouldn’t be out of place on Glee.

    Rowan Atkinson – Zazu

    Oooooh, he’s got a lovely bunch of coconuts. There they are all standing in a rooooow! Big ones, small ones, ones as big as your head! Who didn’t love Zazu? Our favorite goodie two-shoes toucan made The Lion King even better – if that was even possible. Thankfully, we didn’t have to put up with some rando actor for this character, because Rowan Atkinson was the perfect actor to play him. Although Atkinson doesn’t exactly look like a Toucan (he doesn’t have quite as many feathers), those eyes are definitely similar…

    Steve Buscemi – Randall

    *Boo* *Hiss* Randall was the ultimate Monsters Inc. villain. Steve Buscemi used his signature voice to portray the monstrous Randall, and his piercing eyes and prominent teeth are definitely shown in this animation. Of course, we know he’s meant to be a villain and all that, but there’s something about this little dude that kinda makes us love him. Is anyone with us on this one? All he needs is a good ol’ hug and he’ll be right as rain again. Perhaps Sully could give him one? We hear he’s good at hugs.

    Ellen DeGeneres – Dory

    Just keep swimming, just keep swimmingggg. We know, we’ve done that one before, but it doesn’t become any less philosophical, you know. America’s favorite talk show host lent her voice to both Finding Nemo and Finding Dory, and animators definitely took stock of her own looks. With her bright, wide eyes, infectious smile and short hair (the little blue fins on the top of Dory’s body)… there’s a definite Ellen-ness about Dory. That’s probably why we love her so darn much.

    Ed Asner – Carl

    Come on, don’t cry. Don’t cry. Pull yourself together, you can cry in the shower later. Up is arguably one of the most emotional movies within the Disney catalog, but that’s exactly why we have watched it so many times. After all, you need to let it out sometimes. The adorable character of Carl is played by Ed Asner in this movie, and it’s actually a little creepy how much these two look like each other. Although we know Carl’s character was directly based on Ed, their likeness is still uncanny. Animation, man. It’s genius.

    James Earl Jones – Mufasa

    You already know by now that we have a little ‘thing’ for The Lion King – but we’re not ashamed. Were proud of who we are and you’re could say we’re part of the ‘pride’ because of that. Okay that was bad. On another note… Oh, Mufasa. We miss you! The King of the Savannah was played by James Earl Jones AKA the wise man himself. With his own mane-like hair and beard, Jones is a basically the human version of Mufasa. He has wise eyes and a kind face and he just looks so lovely.

    Anika Noni Rose – Princess Tiana

    Have you watched Princess and the Frog yet? Well, what the heck are you doing?! Get on that right now! After you’ve finished this awesome article, of course. Why do we love this movie so much? Because Anika Noni Rose is a real-life Disney Princess. The Princess and the Frog Star plays Princess Tiana, and she looks exactly like her cartoon counterpart. The glowing skin, beautiful smile and luscious locks…. oh, we wish we could be Princess Tiana. Can we? Can we pleeeeease?

    Tim Allen – Buzz Lightyear

    To infinity and beyond! We’ve already seen Tom Hanks and Woody, but what about his bestie for the restie? Buzz Lightyear was actually inspired by the Apollo 11 astronaut, Buzz Aldrin, and the creator of Toy Story loved Tim Allen’s stand-up comedy so much that they then based the character on him. You can kind of see it there with the face shape and the cheeky grin, but you can mostly see the resemblance with these guys in their personalities. They’re basically the same person.

    James Woods – Hades

    Anyone else have a huuuuuge crush on Hades when they were younger? You just can’t beat a bad boy, can you? Especially with eyes like those. Hades, Lord of the Underworld, was probably not an easy character to play – but James Wood got it just right. Although he doesn’t quite have flaming blue hair, he does have a long face, piercing eyes and slightly whitish blue hair (if you’re really grasping at straws). Either way, he’s still one of our favorite villains to date. In both sense of the word.

    Irene Bedard – Pocahontas

    Pocahontas taught us so much about life. She taught us to paint with all the colors of the wind (whatever the heck that means), she taught us to see what’s just beyond the riverbend (we had a look, it’s nothing special), and she taught us to always be true to ourselves (that’s more like it). The movie itself was actually created around the concept of Irene Bedard playing Pocahontas. No pressure, then! Because of this, Irene looks exactly like Pocahontas. Or, shall we say, Pocahontas looks exactly like Irene. We don’t even need to explain.

    Samuel L. Jackson – Frozone

    Although the new Incredibles 2 movie has just been released, you will never get any better than the original. It’s a fact. Nothing will ever come close to the feeling we got when we met the likes of Mr. Incredible, Edna Mold and Frozone for the first time. Nothing, we tell you! Samuel L. ‘Cool’ Jackson starred as Frozone in this Walt Disney production, and Jackson sure looks like his cool friend – especially in this photo. The white teeth, shaded eyes, and white helmet/hat look exactly the same.

    Billy Crystal – Mike Wazowski

    Mike Wazowski! The most obvious difference between Billy Crystal and Mike Wazowski is that Crystal has an extra eye and a bit of hair. Apart from that, they could be identical, right? Look, they’re even standing the same. Perhaps this is the reason why we can’t decide which one we love more. Do we love the actual human or do we look like a animated creation that a human has drawn up in a studio? Hmm. Actually, we think we might go for the animation. We like taking risks.

    Kathryn Beaumont – Alice in Wonderland

    Alice in Wonderland is one of those movies that can have as many reboots and adaptations as it wants, but none of them will ever beat the genius creation that Walt Disney first brought into our lives with this classic creation. Wanna know what’s even cooler? These similarities are uncanny. Kathryn Beaumont voiced the original Alice, from Alice in Wonderland, and it’s clear to see why. From the hair down to the clothes, Kathryn wouldn’t look out of place in the actual movie. Can we borrow that dress?

    Jeremy Irons – Scar

    Jeremy Irons’ iconic role as Scar will go down in history – nobody does that to Mufasa and gets away with it. Although we absolutely hated this character and all of the hurt that he brought on poor Simba and his pride, there was something about him that kept us coming back for me. We know, and we hate ourselves for it every day. Yet, how could you possibly resist that super smooth voice?! You can see Scar within Jeremy Irons – it’s all in the facial features. There’s no denying it, people.

    John C. Reilly – (Wreck-It) Ralph

    The man himself. What would a film called Wreck-It-Ralph be without the Ralph who likes to wreck things? We’ll answer that one for you… nothing! John C. Reilly took on this titular role, and it’s fair to say that he did a darned good job. The actor is known for his role in movies such as Step Brothers and Guardians of the Galaxy, but this is by far his best role to date. What’s even cooler is that Reilly is the spitting image of his cartoon – he even has the hair to match.

    Kristen Bell – Anna

    Frozen was the kind of movie that just kinda appeared out of nowhere and just took the world by (ice) storm. Like, seriously, where the heck did it come from? While we’re at it, who the heck knew that Kristen Bell could sing?! Apart from the hair and frozen heart (you know, that small little detail), Kristen Bell is Anna of Arendelle’s body double. With the adorably sweet-looking face, green eyes, rosy freckles and luscious smile, we’re jealous of this Princess, too. We guess we’ll just have to let it go…

    Oprah – Eudora

    Oprah as Eudora

    Okay, be straight with us here. Is there anything that Oprah can’t do? I mean, she’s the talk show queen, and she basically hands out her own talent to herself with an “I GET A TALENT! I GET ANOTHER TALENT!” It’s kinda not fair, but we’ll allow it because it’s Oprah. When the talk show host took on the role of Eudora in Princess and the Frog, she didn’t even need to open her mouth for us to realize just who she was. Just look at her. It’s like the animators just drew around her face and called it a day.

    Mindy Kaling – Disgust

    Mindy Kaling as Disgust

    If you haven’t watched Inside Out yet, you really need to give it a try. Although it’s pretty darn different to any other Disney movie out there, the differences are incredible – and so is Mindy Kaling. In this movie, Mindy takes on the role of Disgust, and it’s fair to say that there are a few similarities between these two people. No, we’re not calling Mindy disgusting (we love you so much, Mindy). Instead, we’re just quietly noting that her smile and those little cheeks are just sooooo Mindy.

    Hayden Panettiere – Dot

    Hayden Panettiere as Dot

    Wow, this one is a blast from the past. We haven’t watched A Bug’s Life in what seems like 100 years (and it probably is that amount of time to a little ant), but we still know the storyline basically off by heart, and we’re pretty much besties with all of the characters. It’s a lifestyle. Although you might not have realized it, the character of Dot was actually played by Hayden Panettiere. Yet, now you know this fact you won’t be able to un-see all of Hayden’s features in this adorable little ant. It’s uncanny.

    Joseph Gordon Levitt – Jim Hawkins

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Jim Hawkins

    Treasure Planet is the kind of movie that we all watched when we were younger – although we have to admit it did put us to sleep a few times. Awkward. Nevertheless, we were all a little young to realize who the heck Joseph Gordon-Levitt was, and why he is a national treasure. Thankfully, we have now realized the error of our ways and can appreciate the fact that Joseph looks so alike Jim Hawkins. The floppy hair, the gorgeous eyes, and the cheeky little smile. It’s JGL all over.

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