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Celebrities Who Really Look Like The Disney Characters They Voiced

Can you tell who played Monsters Inc.’s Sully just from looking at him?

    We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; Disney is life. Sure, we kinda need food and water to survive, but we would be pretty darn happy if we never had to go to work again (#sorrynotsorry to our boss), didn’t have to talk to anyone for the rest of our lives, built ourselves an impressive pillow fort, had a lifetime supply of snacks, and watched Disney movies forevermore. I mean, it’s not like we have a short supply. With new and improved Disney movies making their way into our lives every single year, we have a feeling it would be totally chill to watch one of these movies every day. The best part? They’re all so different! With animated and live-action Disney movies in existence, we really are spoiled for choice. Do you go for your classic fairytale and watch Cinderella? Do you go super modern and watch the live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast? (Emma Watson for the win). Do you go for something futuristic and watch Big Hero 6? Or do you go back in time and re-watch Mulan for the 16,587th time? It’s a tough decision, y’all. Luckily we’re Disney experts, so we know how to deal with the Disney sweats when you’re faced with movie upon movie. Wanna know the best way to combat these Disney sweats? Instead of getting your Lilo & Stitch pajamas drenched, you just need to think about something happy. You know, like the fact that you have a crush on an animated character! Come on, you don’t need to deny it. If you don’t have at least one (or ten) crushes on your favorite Disney characters, are you really a true fan? It turns out that a lot of the characters the Walt Disney Company created were initially based on the actors and actresses who voiced them. This means it’s totally acceptable to have a crush on these characters. The fact that they’re based on real people is basically your get-out-of-jail-free card. You’re so welcome.

    Tom Hanks – Woody

    Tom Hanks’ voice is iconic. Whether he’s playing Forrest Gump, Captain Phillips, Robert Langdon, or Woody from Toy Story… you just know it’s him. Especially when he says, “THERE’S A SNAKE IN MY BOOOOOOT.” Although Tom Hanks has numerous acting credits to his name, children and adults alike recognize him for playing Woody in the Toy Story franchise. Wanna know what’s cool? He looks uncannily like Woody. With his strong jawline, swooshed hair and cheeky grin, the only difference is that he isn’t made of plastic. Tom Hanks, that is.

    MAngela Lansbury – Mrs. Potts

    Beauty and the Beast is one of our all-time favorite movies, and although we totally loved the live-action adaptation, sometimes you just can’t beat OG Disney, especially when Angela Lansbury is in the mix. Not only did Angela Lansbury play the incredibly hospitable Mrs. Potts, but she also sang in the Oscar-winning theme tune (you know the one). It seems as though creators used Lansbury as a basis when developing the character of Mrs. Potts, as her motherly tones are definitely there. You can’t miss them.

    Mel Gibson – John Smith

    Okay, now this is one character we definitely won’t be ashamed to admit we have a crush on. How could we not? He was the apple of Pocahontas’s eye, and he stood up to the evil guy with the weird outfits. Yuh-huh, we’re talking about Governor Ratcliffe. And his pug. This amazing character was played by Mel Gibson, but you already know that, right? If you weren’t in love with this actor already, you’ll be happy to not that Mel not only sang his own songs, but he also looks just like John Smith in real life. Wishes really do come true.

    Demi Moore – Esmeralda

    The Hunchback of Notre Dam still gives us all the feels, and we don’t think we will ever watch this movie without crying basically the whole way through (we’re totes emosh, get over it). Although Demi Moore did not provide the singing voice of Esmeralda, she did everything else – and we think it’s a perfect fit. Demi Moore was the perfect Esmeralda and couldn’t look any more like her if she tried! Those wide green eyes, luscious dark locks, and petite figure are the spitting image of Esmeralda.

    Danny De Vito – Phil

    Does anyone else sing “Go The Distance” at the top of their lungs whenever the chance to watch Hercules comes up in everyday life? Us too! We should totally start a band. Danny DeVito and Phil from Hercules are basically one and the same person in this movie. You know, apart from the fact that Danny DeVito isn’t half-man, half-goat. At least, we don’t think he is. They look pretty similar, too – no offense, Danny DeVito. But with that round (bald) head and quirky side grin you can’t deny the resemblance.

    Eddie Murphy – Mushu

    Eddie Murphy is known for playing extravagant characters with extravagant voices – and Mushu is no exception. Although we love Mulan and we love the fact that she is the ultimate female boss who doesn’t give a darn about what the men around her think, Mushu definitely stole the show for us. Would it really be Mulan without Mushu? We think not. Although Eddie doesn’t quite look like a dragon, Mushu’s characteristic expressions and playful body language are definitely based on Eddie Murphy’s mannerisms. We just want to be best friends with both of them.

    Glenn Close – Kala

    Hands up who else if you want Glenn Close to be your adoptive Gorilla mother if you ever found yourself stranded in a jungle? Because, you know, that kind of thing happens all the time. Glenn Close was the perfect choice for Kala, in Tarzan, and it’s as if her face has been transferred onto the gorilla. Okay, that sounds kinda mean. But you know what we mean, right? Kala looks so much like the legendary actress we can already hear her voice in our head. It’s like luscious caramel. What a dream.

    Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson – Maui

    You’re welcomeeeee! While we all know that’s one of the greatest songs to ever be included in a Disney movie, like, ever, we also know that this is probably what Dwayne Johnson has to say to the world every time his fans thank him for just being him. He’s just too talented to believe, and were both jealous and amazed. The Rock made his singing debut in the 2016 Disney hit, Moana, and we instantly fell at his feet. With his tribal tattoos, big, big muscles and quirky personality, he definitely looks like his demi-god character. That is the ultimate compliment.

    Auli’i Cravalho – Moana

    Hands up if you know all of the words to ALLLL of the songs that appear in this epic Disney creation? It’s just how far we’ll go to become just as cool as Moana (*wink*). Yep, we went there. Moana is the Hawaiian princess of the 21st century, and we’re kinda obsessed with her. What makes this casting even more incredible is the fact that Auli’i Cravalho almost didn’t audition for the role of Moana, but decided to last minute. Phew! Along with her beautiful singing voice, her gorgeous Hawaiian looks and beachy waves create the ‘Moana’ look.

    Tony Goldwyn – Tarzan

    Oooooh, just look at that jawline! Tarzan is known for his rugged looks, long hair and strong bone structure. And Tony Goldwyn, definitely fits the bill. Goldwyn has such piercing blue eyes and a beautiful chin that it’s no wonder Jane chose him. To be fair, we would totally choose him too. Imagine all of the stories you’d get out of this guy. He could tell you all about his time in the jungle, the mighty jungle, where the lion sleeps tonight. Oh, wait… have we got our Disney wires crossed again? Dangit.

    Whoopi Goldberg – Shenzi

    Now this is more like it. The Lion King is genuinely one of the most popular movies within the Disney universe, and we’re actually pretty darn excited about the live-action adaptation coming our way soon. However, you just can’t beat the OG. Whoopi Goldberg as a hyena? Why not, eh? Whoopi’s voice always stands out of the crowd (especially when she’s singing church hymns), and so does her role as Shenzi. With those bright, white teeth, low eyes and dreadlocked locks… she’s one of the only hyenas we actually like.

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