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Carrie Fisher Honored by Star Wars Fans at Comic Con

What a beautiful tribute to our fallen princess


    When news broke of Carrie Fisher’s sudden death in December of last year, Star Wars fans went into mourning. The iconic actress had played Princess Leia for nearly 40 years; giving little girls (and boys) a seriously epic role model over those four decades. While many tributes and vigils have been held since her passing on December 27, 2016, perhaps one of the most spine-tingling was the one at San Diego Comic Con on Sunday.

    carrie fisher was paid tribute to at 2017's sand diego comic con

    Four Star Wars costuming clubs came together on Sunday, July 23, to honor the most prolific princess in sci-fi history. Many of the women wore Princess Leia’s white gown, complete with twin buns, as a nod to Carrie Fisher’s most iconic look in the Star Wars franchise. Several of the women also gave talks on how much Carrie and her character had inspired them in their lives. One explained how she had walked down the aisle to Princess Leia’s theme (totally jealous of this), while another said:

    You put on a pair of buns, and you’re unstoppable

    Carrie Fisher, who suffered a cardiac arrest in December of last year, was due to be in the next Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi. The director of the upcoming film has said she will still feature, ensuring her final scenes do the legendary Princess Leia justice. The presentation at San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) also included an entire exhibit of art from fans across the globe. However, Princess Leia wasn’t the only Star Wars character to be honored at this year’s SDCC. Kenny Baker, the actor behind R2-D2 also passed away last year, so it only seemed fair that he received the same tribute treatment. Members of the rather incredible R2 Builders club wheeled out four droids that they had built, in honor of the actor.

    RIP Carrie and Kenny, may your stars always shine bright.

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