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Britney Spears Majorly Fan-Girled When She Met Mariah Carey at a Party

Is it the ‘00s again?


    If we ever got to meet our favorite pop stars, we can almost guarantee that we’d squeal for about five minutes, jump up and down on the spot (waving our arms like a chicken as we do so), and lose all ability to breathe and speak until they vacated the area. Fortunately for those stars, there’s little chance of us ever meeting them.

    Thankfully, we’re not the only ones to become (a little) overwhelmed when our hero comes along (Ha. Geddit?) In fact, mega pop princess, Britney Spears went into major fangirl mode when she met Mariah Carey at a party.

    On Wednesday night, Britney posted a photo on her Instagram and Twitter account that showed the two pop Divas sitting side by side – with Britney looking a bit taken aback to be sitting next to her idol. The pair attended a dinner party together, although it seems Spears didn’t quite know who she was going to be sharing her table with…

    When Britney Spears met Mariah Carey

    Dinner party goals? Yep.

    Britney is currently in the midst of her epic Las Vegas residency, but had taken the night off to enjoy the company of fellow legends – which is slightly differnet to our shower-less days off, which include tubs of Ben & Jerry’s, pajamas, and a whole Netflix series.

    Naturally, Britney and Mariah fans freaked out when the photo was uploaded, and took to Twitter to share their excitement.

    Fans also took the opportunity to ask the pair to collaborate on new music together. We must admit, we’d love that to happen. But can the world take it? Are we really ready for such an iconic moment? We think we need to prepare ourselves for this moment, because we can guarantee our minds will be blown.

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