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Breaking News: Macaulay Culkin Looks Like a Different Person!

Someone obviously left him Home Alone with some scissors


    News flash, people get older and look different (or grow beards in Eminem’s case). We know it’s a fact of life, but we still can’t help but get a little bit sucked in by the “You’ll never guess what such and such looks like now.” The latest star to shock us all with his transformation is Home Alone star, Macaulay Culkin. Daaaaang, Culkin got hot.

    macauley culkin in home alone

    Everyone remembers the pretty sad story of Macaulay Culkin; the child star gone rogue. We all loved Culkin in classics such as Home Alone, Uncle Buck, Richie Rich and, of course, My Girl. However, things took a bit of a turn for the child actor when he was arrested for possession of illegal substances back in 2004. Macaulay Culkin went through various phases, most of which caused concern for his fans; from constantly looking like he was out of his face to a worryingly gaunt appearance back in 2013.

    macauley culkin gaunt

    He then grew his hair out and seemed to adopt this rock and roll, hippy vibe that tied in with his new career path of being a musician in The Pizza Underground. However, it seems as though Culkin has either employed a new stylist or was simply getting fed up with everyone saying how slovenly he looked.

    macauley culkin gaunt and thin

    This new photo of the child star was taken by someone who spotted him leaving a store in West Hollywood, with what looks like quite a few cigarette cartons. The scruffy, underweight Culkin seems to have disappeared. In his place is a fresher, cleaner, short-haired version that is undeniably quite (cough) attractive. We’re also digging the hipster vibe and the new spectacles.

    macauley culkin hot

    Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that this new look gives Macaulay Culkin a new lease of life because it certainly suits him.

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