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Bieber Takes On Summer Heights High’s Jonah And It’s Hilarious

“I was punking him, Sir. Watch MTV for once, Sir!”


    Whether you love him or hate him, Justin Bieber’s latest Instagram post is guaranteed to make you laugh.

    Over the past few weeks, Justin Bieber has come under a lot of scrutiny because of his interactions with fans and the paparazzi. Last year, Justin Bieber made a public declaration to his fans. He asked them to respect his privacy, and in return, he’ll respectfully decline any selfies, photographs, hugs or handshaking with his fans. Er, we don’t really like that deal, Biebs? But we do understand his reasoning. After being in the spotlight since the age of ten, being able to eat your ice cream in peace is a small ask. But it turns out, that Bieber isn’t really keeping up his end of the deal…

    Just last weekend, Biebs got into even more trouble during his visit to Australia. As a doting fan approaches him as he gets into his car, Biebs can be heard saying, ‘look at your respect level. Look at you; you make me sick.’ Ermmmmmmm…really, Justin?
    After this debacle (a disastrous one, to say the least), Biebs has taken to Instagram to hit back at the negative stories surrounding him and his behavior. And it involves one of our favorite retro TV programs.

    While staying on Richard Branson’s private island in Queensland (and he’s really complaining?), Justin Bieber shares a video that firstly shows a clip of him telling a reporter to ‘eff off,’ before cutting to a video of the pop star explaining himself in the best way.
    ‘I said ‘puck you miss,’ there’s a difference between bullying and joking around, I was joking around. I was punking him, Sir. Watch MTV for once, Sir!’

    Bieber perfectly imitates Chris Lilley’s character, Jonah, in Summer Heights High, and it’s perfect. The accent, the memorization, the facial expressions…kudos to you, Biebs. You’ve done yourself proud.

    We can almost forgive his actions over the past few weeks. Almost. But I guess he only told the reporter to ‘puck off’…

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