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An Avril Lavigne Conspiracy Theory Has Resurfaced and Twitter Is Going Mad Over It!

Yep, it’s back. Oh, Twitter… why’d you have to go and make things so complicated?


    Now, we all love a conspiracy theory – but this one is just makes us think What The Hell? But twitter is still Holding On to it, and definitely not Losing Grip…

    During the early ‘00s, a rumor floated around that Avril Lavigne had died, after she became depressed by the death of her grandfather. Before this rumor, we knew that Lavigne had a body double that she often used to avoid the paparazzi. And it’s said that when Avril Lavigne died, she was replaced by this body double (Melissa), to make her fans none the wiser, and to continue her pop punk, Sk8er Boi domination. Of course, we all brushed it off as Hollywood nonsense, but the theory has since resurfaced – and social media has gone wild for it.

    avril lavigne conspiracy theory twitter

    This new resurfacing has come after Avril Lavigne superfan, @givenchyass took to Twitter on Friday to unload her opinions on the matter in one heck of a Twitter thread, and has had quite a response. Here’s just a few of her tweets:

    Of course, the theory is all speculation, but it’s worked up quite a storm on Twitter. Some people see some truth in it, others pass it off as complete nonsense. What do you think?

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