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Arnold Schwarzenegger Surprises Gym-Goers in Yorkshire in the Best Possible Way

Imagine pumping iron with The Terminator!


    If you’re an avid gym go-er (rather you than us) you probably have ideas in your head of your body and your muscles looking like the Austrian god – Arnold Schwarzenegger. You may even have pictures of him on your phone or your wall (not in a weird way) to motivate you to achieve your goal. However, lucky members of staff at one gym in Leeds, England managed to meet the real deal. Yep, they met The Terminator in the flesh, mid-workout. I mean, is that not the dream?

    Arnie turned up to the 1-RM gym and training studio in Yorkshire on Wednesday to pump some iron before a speaking engagement later that evening. Unfortunately, the gym was closed off for an hour while the Terminator did his thing, so members of the public could not get an eyeful of his muscles. However, many of the staff members took the opportunity to snap photos with Arnold as he worked out (although there were some who were so starstruck they couldn’t move from one spot. Understandable).

    Arnold Schwarzenegger surprises a gym in Yorkshire

    The owner of the gym, Ricky Moore, had arranged the gym session with Arnold Schwarzenegger and his ‘people’ before he arrived and Ricky made the decision to close off the gym so the Hollywood superstar could have the area to himself – you know, without the whole of Yorkshire trying to sneak a peak.

    It was only the staff there. I told them he was coming. He was here for an hour. He did some chest, a bit of back. He was very approachable – a lovely, nice guy. He said to me before he left, ‘thank you, Ricky, I’ll be back.’


    Arnold Schwarzenegger took photos with staff at the Yorkshire gym

    Of course, ol’ Arnie rose to fame in the ‘80s as the ultimate Hollywood action man, and he soon adopted ‘I’ll be back’ as his Terminator catchphrase. So, this makes us really happy.

    Maybe we should start going to the gym now?


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