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23+ Awkward Child Stars Who Did Some Serious Growing Up

Because people age, you know?

    Everyone goes through a stage of their life when growing up just becomes incredibly uncomfortable. Yep, we’ve all been there. Suddenly, you’re sporting an awkward hairstyle (that your mom said made you beautiful), you’re growing into your ears (it’s a real thing y’know), and you’ve got a few spots here and there (okay, all over your face). Unfortunately, it’s a stage we all have to go through – although we can’t say we welcome all of these new additions to our face and body.

    What makes this situation even more depressing is the fact that we’re constantly bombarded with pictures of beautiful celebrities when they were younger. We get it, you’re perfect. We get it, you have amazing genes. We get it, you’re just better than us mere mortals. We get it. It’s even worse when you grow up with child stars who go through puberty at the same time as you – because you can almost guarantee they’re not experiencing the same effects as you. While you’re sat there watching their movies with your head guard, your brace and your ankle-grazers (that aren’t supposed to be ankle-grazers) they’re just chilling out with their professional stylists, their on-call orthodontists, and their beauty therapists. And you know what? It totally sucks.

    Thankfully this isn’t always the case. Yes, dear readers, even the rich and famous go through this awkward stage too! In some cases, puberty is just too strong to overpower with professional dentists and stylists, and they have to endure the gut-wrenching pain of growth (okay, it’s not really that bad). But as we all do, they soon grow out of this phase and blossom into the beautiful celebs we know and love (and fawn over) today. Take a look at these 23+ (you guys couldn’t get enough so we added in some bonus ones!) awkward child stars who did some serios growing up…

    Alyson Stoner

    Before her time on Cheaper By The Dozen, Camp Rock and Step Up, Alyson Stoner made her dancing debut on the hip-hop stage in two of Missy Elliot’s music videos; ‘Gossip Folks’ and ‘Work It’ – which is the coolest thing we’ve ever heard. Stoner played your typical tomboy in most of her appearances as a child and teenager, but has since come into her own and is now rocking the Red Carpet. What a beauty.

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