Retro – Adjective

imitative of a style or fashion from the recent past.

Ent – Made up word

short for entertainment

Welcome to RetroEnt!

If you hadn’t guessed by now, we’re a little bit obsessed with everything retro. From the old school games (Tetris, we miss you) through to the TV shows we used to watch every day after school. We’re a site built on nostalgia. All of those involved building and writing for this site grew up in a day before Facebook. We remember getting our first (brick) phones. We’re the generation stuck in the middle of no tech and tech all-day, everyday. If you’re feeling like us, and missing the way it used to be, then get stuck in here. We promise you’ll get so lost in nostalgia you’ll feel just like a kid again.

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The Team

Lauren, Chief Writer

Helena & Bex, Co-Founders and Editors