’80s Pop Stars – Then and Now

You won’t believe what Stevie Nicks look like now!

Ahhhh ’80s Pop. The time of MTV, music videos, big hair and leg warmers. What could be better than that? The ’80s saw a huge rise in pop stars and legendary music… so take a look at how you remember these ’80s pop stars, and what they look like now.

Madonna – Then

Madonna is often called the Queen of the ’80s… and rightly so. With her eccentric hair, jewelry and clothes, she epitomized what it meant to be an ’80s pop star. Before the ’80s, Madonna starred in a rock band, before going solo in the 1982 and releasing her first single ‘Everybody.’ Go on, Madge…

Madonna – Now

After the ’80s, Madonna rose to higher and higher heights, becoming one of the most talented and most famous singers of all time. The Material Girl has since sold over three hundred million records and has won seven Grammy Awards. She is still singing, but spends most of her time using her fame for political activism and raising her biological and adoptive children. Could she get any cooler?

Janet Jackson – Then

Janet Jackson, the youngest of the Jackson family, definitely didn’t miss out on the family’s musical talent. Janet split from her brothers in the ’80s in search of a solo career and signed as a solo artist in 1982, and released her third album in 1986. She is most famous for socially provocative songs and lyrics. Ooooh.

Janet Jackson – Now

Janet Jackson is still singing and touring today, and the world can’t get enough of her. With her trademark big hair, Janet is still selling out arenas and has adoring fans. Jackson has also created her own clothing line, as well as turning her talents to acting. She has appeared in many TV shows and films.

Rick Springfield – Then

Australian-born Rick Springfield took the ’80s by storm. Although he was out and about before the ’80s, he gained international acclaim for his song, ‘Jessie’s Girl’ which topped the charts in both Australia and the United States, and even earned him a Grammy Award. Oh, and if this wasn’t enough, he was a definite ’80s stud.

Rick Springfield – Now

Yes, he is still a stud. As well as being a singer, Rick Springfield has also made a name for himself as an actor, appearing on many Australian and US TV shows, as well as on Broadway. After a bit of a career lull, he appeared in the Dave Grohl Documentary in 2013 which gave him a comeback.

Cyndi Lauper – Then

Cyndi Lauper was the ultimate ’80s style goals. Just look at that hair! Lauper was not afraid of breaking the rules, which made her such a popular pop star. She signed as a solo artist in 1982 and quickly rose to fame with her songs, ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’ ‘Time After Time’ and ‘She Bop.’

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