31 Epic Facts You Didn’t Know About Grease

We go together, like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong


Grease is by far one of the best musical movies of all time. Set in the ‘50s, the movie has everything we could possibly want – singing, dancing, costumes, high school, ice cream…and Danny Zuko (swoon). There are few things that go together like ding-a-le-ding-de-dong… but Grease and movie nights are some of them. Check out some of the things you probably didn’t know about Grease…

The Grease Animation

You may remember that the credits and the intro of Grease was created in an animated format. All of the characters, the hangouts and the props were all in animation. This is because the whole film was meant to be an animation. However, the producers eventually decided to go with a live-action movie but kept in these little animation snippets as a nod to this idea.

There nearly wasn’t a Sandy

Well, there nearly wasn’t an Olivia Newton-John. At the time when she was asked about the role, she wasn’t convinced she would be a good fit for the role, or that she could pass as a high school student. She asked to do a screen test, and when she saw that she played a high-schooler pretty well, she decided to take the part.

The dancers

In your average movie, your backup dancers would be named Dancer #1 and Dancer #2. But Grease went the extra mile, and all of their dancers were named, keeping in with their ‘50s theme. Their dancers were called Sauce, Bart, Moose, and Bubba. We’re guessing those weren’t their actual names, but they’re definitely better than being nameless, that’s for sure.

That non-hug

Remember when Zuko and Kenickie had that really emotional moment where Zuko offered to ride at Thunder Road for him? You might remember that they had a very emotional, yet very brisk man hug. If you can call it a hug, it was more a quick-embrace-turned-pat-on-the-back. It was Jeff Conaway’s (who played Kenickie) idea to do this because he said that men wouldn’t have hugged properly back in the ‘50s.

Getting old

Jamie Donnelly played the Pink Lady, Jan in the movie. But by the time she had accepted the role, she had started growing gray hairs. To make sure she passed as a teen at high school, Donnelly had to die her hair to look the part. Don’t worry, Jamie – happens to the best of us.

A bit of blur

You may notice that throughout the movie, there are certain images that are blurred out. This is because Grease struck a deal with Coca-Cola to use product placement within the movie, but the deal fell through half way through production. The team couldn’t shoot the scenes again, so decided to blur out all of the Coca-Cola products instead.

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