31 Things Every ’90s Girl Had in Her Bedroom

You must remember these?!

Being a ‘90s kid was by far one of the most exciting times in our lives – we had no worries, we had the best toys, and we had the best bedrooms. We decorated them with intense precision, and although it may have looked like the ‘90s simply threw up onto our walls… we wouldn’t have had it any other way. Check out these 31 things you would have had in your bedroom if you were a girl who grew up in the ’90s.

Groovy Chick Bedding

groovy chick bedding

And we didn’t just leave it at the bedding – just having Groovy Chick bedding was so lame. Of course, we needed the curtains, pillows, wallpaper and dolls to match. Who did you think we were? Mere mortals? Wrong. We were ‘90s girls. We had pride. We had spirit. We were Groovy Chick.

Lava Lamps

lava lamp and disco ball

Because what room was complete without a lava lamp? We begged our parents for one of these bad boys for months, until she eventually gave in for a bit of peace and quiet. If we were really lucky, we would get one in the shape of a rocket. They didn’t really work for very long, but those six months with the lava lamp were some of our best.

Sea Monkeys

sea monkeys

Everyone wanted Sea Monkeys. We weren’t quite sure what they did…or what they were exactly, but we wanted some nonetheless because all of our friends did. Watching them hatch and comparing their sizes was the highlight of our school days – until we knocked them off of our windowsill and was grounded for two weeks.

Spice Girls Barbie Dolls

spice girls barbie dolls

Spice Girls were life. Barbie Dolls were life. They were the perfect combination. We loved playing with these dolls and re-enacting the ‘Wannabe’ music video. And of course, Baby Spice was always our favorite. I wanna really, really, really wanna zig-a-zig-ah…


mouse trap board game

Mousetrap was the ultimate ‘90s game and was the only game you could play when your friends came round for a slumber party. We always had to win, and we’d do anything to trap that little mouse. Although there was always one or two pieces that were always missing, which didn’t help.

Glow in the Dark stars

glow in the dark stars for the ceiling or wall

Because if you didn’t cover your WHOLE ROOM in these glow in the dark stars…were you really a ‘90s girl? These stars added a little bit more atmosphere into your room, and since it was socially unacceptable to have a night-light anymore, these were the best, and coolest replacement.

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